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I've seen some interesting stories about people starting to play DS 1 and as a newbie I feel like I want to share my experience as well.

Just a little bit of my gaming history before I start with DS 1... I started playing couple years ago CS 1.6 (pretty calssic one) and loved FPS shooters ever since... But then I decided that it's enough after few thousand hours of playing those shooters. Then I discovered LoL so another classic one but didn't stay long on that. Just about a year... Right after LoL I discovered Skyrim and one not well-known MMORPG and it was love on the first sight (even though I never finished Skyrim story line)... But for some reason I stopped playing Skyrim and was fooling around with FPS shooters and MOBA stuff... And then it happened I saw some gifs from DS3 and thought like yea looks like pain and fun and then I watched walktrough of DS3 on Youtube and in that moment I knew I wanna play the hell out of that game... Sadly I figured out that DS3 probably wouldn't really run on my PC so I decided to stick with DS 1.

As I mentioned before DS looked like pain and fun and hell yes it was lot of pain in the beggining. First I was playing without DSfix for couple hours and that was horrible but I didn't know that DSfix existed... So then I installed DSfix and DSMfix and finally it was playable... Then I almost lost my **** when I was in Firelink Shrine for 6 hours trying to figure out how to get somewhere else. Dumass me did not see the path that goes up to the hollows so for good 5 hours I was stuck at killing skeletons and then dying in catacombs (for the record I never got to the actual Catacombs... I didn't see those doors on the left in that pit on the beggining of those Catacombs). So I don't really have to say that I am real casual... Then when I figured out that thats definitely not way to go I decided to try New Londo Ruins and immediately regretted it of course... And finally after 6 hours real gameplay started for me when I finally figured out where to go. But as I learned pain just began... Lucky for me I am pretty chill person when it comes to gaming (no rage QQs or flaming even online) so after raging so much I was ready to kill the whole world I started enjoying it and I learned what patience is (of course rage was just inner one because I sucked hard). So after I started enjoying it actually and I played to chill after work or on weekends it got all smoother suddenly... Of course there was a lot of struggling with minor things like Humanity... Of course I had no idea what it is, what it is for and how to get more... Also weapon stuff and leveling stuff... I wont even start on that... I was leveling random stuff back then... But after I finally got out of Firelink Shrine and got to second bonfire the fun began (at least for me) ... This will be the end of part 1 since I am at work and it's time to go home (not to play DS 1 today haha). So I will write second part of my DS 1 experiences so far. But as you can see even tho struggle was real I love this game very much and I love to share my experience with anyone who would listen... So see you guys tomorrow in second part. Praise the sun!



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Welcome aboard, and no worries. We all had our "probably shoulda caught that sooner moment" I'm sure.
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skarekrow13 wrote:Welcome aboard, and no worries. We all had our "probably shoulda caught that sooner moment" I'm sure.

Mine was most terrible, and it went back as far as Demon's Souls. I played both in a media vacuum, didn't know about this great Fextra community or any of the others, just played, thus I wasn't aware of many things. Most terribly, the "META", so most of my time in Lordran was spent in solitude because i unknowingly leveled beyond the meta cluster. In a way it probably enhanced the setting of the game, after all, that's the "soul" of these games. Perilous attrition of perpetual death through a time forgotten land, with chances for camaraderie few and far between. Now I'm playing thru Lordran again and wishing there were more lost souls to play with.
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