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The basic attacks on this thing are fairly weak, and their slow speed makes it's dps not very good. However, the L2 attack has a very long reach and does a lot of damage, completely destroying mobs of enemies. In addition, the reach and stagger potential of the attacks are quite good, so while it won't burn down bosses or tough enemies as much as other weapons it's quite useful when used correctly.
Also means he has a bad build since you only gotta upgrade it -TWICE!- for an S-scaling. With a proper build and the right runes, this weapon is too stupidly OP to truly unerstand outside of 'spaaaayce alium powers'.
Also, it turns you into space broccoli. So there's that.
So I went to dungeon 8i29rqz3, and instead of there being the bath messengers, patches was there instead. It would seem that once you befriend patches he replaces the bath messengers in dungeons, and his items don't cost anymore than buying it from the dungeon messengers.
Whats the ar at 50 arcane ?
I have 54 arcane and I'm 298 AR but remember the damage displayed is far less then the actual damage so the actual AR is around 400, it's definatley viable and the L2 is the best thing since Jesus lol
Wouldn't expect a reference to Matango in this game.
It's like a dream come true! Man, maybe I have to buy a PS4 after all...


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AR at 50 arcane.
+0) 30 +25 /+1) 33 +29 /+2) 36 +34 /+3) 39 +39 /+4) 42 +44 /+5) 45 +49 /+6) 48 +55 /+7) 51 +61 /+8) 54 +67 /+9) 57 +74 /+10) 60 +81.
Thank you for the info.
The color is more reminiscent of Cauliflower. LEARN YOUR VEGGIES, SIR OR MA'AM!!
Not gonna lie, I kinda think the Kos Parasite in its weapon icon looks strangely reminiscent of Ebrietas... Notice how the strange protrusion on the back of Ebrietas resembles the feather tentacles on the Kos Parasite (as well as on the backs of the Kos-looking slug things in the Nightmare Frontier). That, and the use of tentacles and spitting blood/water is mutually shared.

Do you think that's why they refer to her as "Daughter of the Cosmos?" Is Ebrietas really just the full-grown version of the parasite, minus the lumenwood? Is that why she weeps at the Altar of Despair, the one thing that can revive the dead? "Together with the left-behind Great One, the Healing Church looks to the stars, in hopes they might rediscover true greatness."

we know that kos's child is the orphan, and supposedly great ones only ever have one child, so no, I don't think Ebrietas is Kos's daughter, though it is an interesting idea.
Since I made this post, I've kind of modified my... theory, or whatever. Ebrietas seems to have a connection both with the Parasite, as well as with the Lumenwood flowers, and in fact, her anatomy is somewhat similar to that of the Lumenwood Hunter. Her limbs branch in unusual ways, similarly to a plant, which would fit the Kos Parasite description: "a Kos Parasite is said to stimulate phantasms inhabiting a lumenwood."

I don't mean that Ebrietas is directly the child of Kos, but that the parasites within Kos were fostered and merged with another host, likely a human, which eventually became Ebrietas. Ebrietas also bears resemblance to the Celestial Emissaries, a race of otherworldly beings whose true origin is purely terrestrial, being the completed phase of the Research Hall's ghastly cerebral experiments. In concept art, Ebrietas even sprouts the same glowing tendrils as the advanced Celestial Emissaries, and her inflated head reveals a pocked mass similar to the Brain Fluid amoebas (cont'd)
(cont'd) I was even toying with the idea that Ebrietas could be Adella, considering her "enlightenment" in the Hunter's Nightmare is only the result of the player's interaction, and doesn't have any affect on what really happened to her so many years prior. Most likely, she never received her "baptism," and I wonder if maybe she was used in another experiment, this time using the Kos Parasites. It's not as improbable when you consider the strange tentacles that erupt from the Brainsuckers look phenomenally similar to the Parasite as it is depicted in the inventory graphic, and that they've evidently been sewn into the skulls of their host.

As for what you say about the Great Ones having only one child, that certainly isn't true, considering the Celestial Larvae are all Ebrietas' children, and Rom is also surrounded by apparent offspring. Ebrietas, though not "genetically" the child of Kos, could still PERCEIVE Kos as its mother--after all, what is a gestating fetus but an advanced parasite?
It would appear that the "tentacles" of the Kos Parasite are actually overgrown phantasms. So... magical slugs. Arguably the best weapon for a pure arcane build is slapping people around with giant magic slugs.
Well said
Or grey alien cauliflower vomit
I think "parasites" that appear when you perform Transform Attack are actually phantasm as we can see in moveset video.