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I wish you could save Anri


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You can - don't follow the Lord of Hollows questline. Simple as that.
wich one is the one that you get married?
Lord of the Hollows ( Questline B) but well you will not be happy with what you do to Anri ...
Actually, by marrying And I and becoming the Lord of Hollows, you end up saving Anri and the rest of human kind.
except whatever you saved then has a hole in the skull...
Weird bug, when I first got to half-way fortress I did all dialogue with Anri and Horace. I finished Deacons of the Deep, they weren't at firelink. Now I'm at the catacombs and they're STILL both standing at the half-way fortress. What gives? Why won't they advance?
I used Anri for Sulyvahn despite not killing the pilgrim ever for my Lord of Hollows character. Seems the info about her sign appearing after killing the pilgrim is incorrect but I don't know if there are other conditions. You can't sacrifice her in Darkmoon Tomb before beating Pontiff because its locked behind him, and the pilgrim doesn't leave the church until after Pontiff so I'm pretty sure that logic applies to her sign in Anor Londo that summons you.
I killed the Pilgrim after i got the ring, but the summon sign in front of Sulyvahn is not there.
I guess my questline glitched, i didnt even talk to yuria or something but i saw pligrim's dead body near ceremony room and anri's body with sword on it. I didnt even touch anybody!!!
Well I followed Anri's quest right up to Aldrich and the sign isn't there.
You have to kill Horace in Smouldering Lake.
I went with the slayer of aldrich ending but when i went to aron londor there was no one there and i want back to firelink shrine to find out that yuria was gone
Killing the Abyss Watchers before having full hollowing is ok, as long as you do not enter the catacombs before having Yuria appear. Tested several times.
Ive noticed Anri sometimes has a flaming sword. does anyone know what they are using? at a guess its either charcoal pine resin or carthus flame arc but i never actually see it being casted/applied.
Charcoal Pine Bundle, i've seen her using it
bundle or resin? it seems to last a while and bundles only last a few seconds