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summon signs for Steelheart Ellie by bonfire to right of boss fog gate (kill the 2 fume soldiers before summoning, poison arrows work best while hiding in bonfire room) and Carhillion of the Fold directly by the fog gate, fight is fairly simple as he's mostly distracted with the summons, allowing you to lay on the punishment so long as you keep your wits and avoid/block his attacks
Don't know if I'm in the right place to ask this guys but can anyone allow me to summon them coz fume knight beaten me down 5-6 times now n I haven't been playing for a while
Im down. still need help?
There is a subbreddit called /r/summonsign. Its basically a place where you can help or ask for help for bosses. However that specific one is for ds3. Maybe there is a similar one for 2. Good luck, skeleton.


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Killed him on 6th attempt. If you're having problem dodging, Simpleton's Ring will give you somewhat confidence to roll over his dark flame slash/orbs
Can't confirm the method to skip second phase. He changed to second phase after 2 attacks although the glowing lasts 5 attacks. I guess you need to continue triggering this attack to skip 2nd phase (when it's not even changed by updates meanwhile)
i can confirm this method work
i spent 10 human effigies, to get help - to beat this guy, still nothing
One strategy that helped me immensely was to strafe behind him as much as possible, getting 1-2 hits in depending on weapon. At that point only the swipe attack at the side he does needs to be accounted for. Just keep on strafing in one direction.
don't summon any npc (except for the real player) or, unless you want the whole souls by yourself... don't summon anybody. and once you're inside, just keep dodging... i recommend crypt blacksword 1h because it's spinning attack has a good reach to hit fume knight after you roll out of all his combos
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Guys, lightning weakness is confirmed!! It took me a few tries, but I finally killed him! I infused my Curved Dragon Greatsword with lightning and using Sacred Oath and Sunlight Blade I was doing massive damage!! True I was using the two-handed method, but was still doing 600-700+ a hit, the buffs may not last long but if you're careful ou can take him down quick!!
Literally run or roll to right side and first phase is a joke
this boss is godamn easy
This is one of the hardest bosses with a fail rate of 97.3%. I believe that's the correct rate, feel free to correct me.
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