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Nigers ar gey dabb
Allah Akbar
this game...soo much..
Honestly saying, it was quite sad to see the fire fading and the game coming to its end. Like you've done such a long jorney, payed for it with lots of your time (and money tho) and there is no way to continue your current game in the world you created by choosing some certain ending, only starting from the very begining with nothing but your items remaining. I wish, it could be like in Mass effect 2 for example, so that I could return to my very beloved character from times to times with no bosses waiting to be slain. Just to have some good time.
Anyway, that was a great expirience still. After 5h of duelling with Soul Of Cinder my reflexes became so keen, I could hardly stop myself from rolling around and stabbing my enviroment when I got outside for a while (IRL, I mean) .

May the flame guide you. Even if you decided to end it. Or worse.
If you just wait for the cutscene to be over when it asks to go to new game+ click no instead.. if you just keep clicking to get it to skip then it's funny start you over.
Sorry if this is a dumb question but I've heard a rumor that if you do the end of fire ending there will be no bonfires in the next ng+ and your torch won't work. Is this true? Because I plan on going up to ng+7 if I can.
Absolutely false, the game stays the same, you just keep your items.
Thank you for responding, just wanted to make sure.
real nigga's neva die!

the good ending is unsuper of flame
for its time for humanity too become god
That's a very contestable statement. Mankind ruling itself can be terrifying. The abyss and the deep are home to some of the most unimaginable horrors that world has seen. The age of gods ending means no more noble knights. No more grand castles. No more pleasant skylines. No flame. A world ruled by the abomaninations of man in the dark realm conjured from the deep
All i wanted for my first ending was the standard linking of the fire thing,
But somehow i managed to unwillingly get the 4th ending because i was too cheap to heal those 8 dark sigils.
If you get the Firekeeper Soul from above the shrine you can cure it without spending souls
Fear not, the dark, my friend. And let the feast begin.
I beat soul of cinder and yuria survived in the fight and left her set and weapon as usual, and after she left I cured my dark sigils, can I still get the usurperation of fire ending?
no, you can't