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I can't play online with my old Bloodborne account after I've bought another physical Bloodborne disc including the DLC. Whenever I go online, it states that my character is unable to connect to the Bloodborne server.


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Have you let the game fully install from the disc? It does an initial install (which you can see filling up on your home screen) which allows you to play the game from the start. But after that initial install it does a hidden background install for the rest of the game.

An easy way to tell if that is happening is to listen to the disc spinning in your console. If it's doing that then it's still installing. When it's complete you should be able to continue with your previous save.

I had that issue when I changed the hard drive in my PS4. Had to wait for it to FULLY install from the disc.
You seem to be able to use EU DLC with the Australian version of the game. I bought my copy in new Zealand (which is the Australian version) and bought The Old Hunters on the UK PSN store. The region codes are slightly different but it doesn't seem to matter.



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That may be due to New Zealand sony being part of the EU entity, look at the official website:

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Please answer my question
My account is from US and my disc is region ALL
But after I killed vicar amelia I didn't get the EYE OF BLOOD DRUNK HUNTER in the hunter dream