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i killed him at the very start when we has in the firelink shrine. And now i cant summon him at all, wth do i do?
He's dead. You can't do anything.
if you seek forgiveness, pray for his death of course


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I don't get the stupidity of killing NPC without thinking about repercussion.
Jesus Christ. Why the ***** do people even ask such dumb questions?
c o n n i p t i o n s
I just boulder heaved the stone out of him
HA, and you thought the BLOODSHADES was edgy! Ha.. HAHAHAHA~ kill me pls
I found blood damage weapons to be effective against him, specifically making crow quills to be "blood crow quills". but that's just me, any blood damage weapons that are easily used to just stab instead of slash or do a standard strike, though anything is good, just blood damage because he seems to derp quite a bit.

my tactic is just stay in the entrance to the carthus catacombs where he cant enter (top of the stairs), then wait for him to try to hit you then go out to take a hit at him while he least expects it, once his health is low, just go out there and beat him.
I killed him at the beginning in firelink shirine, he was outside and I thought he was hostile like the katana master that I previously killed, so I backstabbed him and then made a combo and he fell down... I'm a new player I haven't played DS1 or DS2, how much did I screw up, since he didn't re spawn??
As much as i know, you can't obtain the twinkling dragon head stone if he's dead but that's not that bad because you still can get the normal Dragon Head stone and they are basically the same. Apart from this he is an unimportant Npc
Anyone else notice that when you summon him, he won't let you see his face? If you try and walk in front of him he just turns round.
Every NPC summon does this. Or at least a looot of them
Something worth noting is that his summon sign (at Oceiros) will NOT show up if you haven't interacted with him at all up until that point.
As a summoned Phantom Hawkwood seems remarkably more Aggressive than any other Summoned NPC. For Example Eygom and Sirris need to be fairly close to a boss to start attacking, at Dragonslayer you can get them killed as they'll try to catch up with you instead of fighting (Similair to Holy Knight Hodrick at Crucifixion Woods, he'll get killed by Lycanthrope hunters if you get to far away as he'll just try to catch up with you) and they won't heal while trying to catch up either.

Hawkwood; on the other hand; strait up Rushes Oceiros the moment he's in the boss room, and at Archdragon he has a set path to get to the shrine; where he assaults anything that moves on his way to the top of the hill, leaving the player behind in the dust.

I don't think it's important that he is this way, but he is noteworthily more aggressive than any other summoned NPC that I've seen.
Gives me conniptions...