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I killed them at first time fighting them
And? The boss is so easy it would be dumb to brag about killing them in one go.



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Actually, up to 3 Abyss Watchers would spawn on the field and it's the THIRD one that would have the red eyes, not the second one.
The 'first additional' Watcher will be hostile to the player. If a 'second additional' Watcher is allowed to spawn, it will have glowing red eyes

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parry the f**k out of him
Very sad moment, the music makes atmosphere sad


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91800 sousl at ng+9
My favorite boss so far. Although imo he needs a bigger healthbar, they're all so badass and cool. A truly tragic tale of how they locked themselves out from the world to save it, while killing their friends and comrades over, and over.
this is probably when new players learn that this game will not let up but they probably learned tha in lothric castel
castel yup i quit on that castel
My favorite boss the music is very good and the boss is amazing the combo, the wear everything and a hard boss if you just hit him.
THAT DOESN'T EXPLAIN WHY THE Abyss Watchers ARE Killing each other!!
at 19:30
They attack the abyss but they are consumed by the abyss so they target eachother
On my first playthrough of the game I experienced a glitch where a Dark Wraith chasing after me went through the door before the fog barrier had been put up. After the cutscene ended I found that the Dark Wraith no longer targeted me, and its primary target became the Abyss Watcher. Maybe the theory that the two wraiths came to kill the Watchers is true.