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A shame I have to play reactive when using an ultra. Because FromSoft decided to give us no Poise but enemies like these actual Poise.
I just beat the thing to death with the hollowslayer great sword +2. Takes a bit but it kills him. Don't try and block him. Wait for him to try and chop you dodge to the side of him use light light heavy roll. Assuming your fast enough to get the heavy in. If not just use light.
Noone loves u
All you need to kill the ones at untended Graves is a dark sword+10, enchanted with dark magic. You can use the ring that removes footstep sounds and/or sneak up on them from behind, since you can attack all of them from behind if timing and the direction you're coming from is right. give em a little backstab, reduce them to half hp. Just when they try to get up again, charge a heavy attack (all twohanded ofc) and kill them. Still works in Ng+4 for me. I had 52 strength, 47 dex, 35 int and 37 faith when I first tried it on Ng+4. If this combos dmg is not high enough for you to 2-shot them yet, pick up and equip the hornet ring that conviently lies a little hidden in the same area, equip it and get higher backstab dmg from it. Then it should be enough.
This enemy honestly has the most ridiculous amount of poise I have ever seen. I smacked him with a Ledo's Great Hammer +5 light attack and he still didn't budge. And then he proceeded to launch me into the void to my death.
10/10 Would use great hammer again.
>not backstabbing BK's to death on UG with BK Glaive
>not farming them with covetous gold serpent ring and rusted gold coins until you get the full armor set + shield and Glaive
>not being a Black Knight and scaring the***** out of people in pvp with 60 STR and 40 DEX

Get good you fgts
F*** these guys, especially the one at dark version of Firelink Shrine left at those "camera friendly" (if you know what I mean) stairs. f*** that guy!
The first bullet point in notes and tips should be 'in contrast to' or 'unlike in Dark Souls I' as opposed to 'in differ to'. Definitely something worth noting, just a little clunkily phrased.
>Sneaks up behind Black Knight on first playthrough with +5 Mornes Greathammer and delivers a fully charged R2 at 60 Strength and 50 Faith.
>Black Knight IMMEDIETLY turns around and starts swinging his axe around after NOT being Flattened or even staggered by my attack that dealt over 800 damage.

And that ladies and gentlemen is what was wrong with Poise in Dark Souls 1