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Hi im really really stuck on the defiled chalice and could use some help


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I think it's better to share your dungeon Glyph and matchmaking Password.

I'd love to help, but haven't created this one yet... :no see:
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Hello, if anyone could help me on the first threw third boss that would be great, i was about to platinum Dsk3 but then i saw i didnt even finish bloodborne. Can anyone help me correct this great injustice gotta get all the way to queen yarhnahm
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Need help with Amy on defiled dungeon later 3. Been on it for hours and I can surpass it. I've gotten oh so close. Please anyone help me



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Phrixotrichus wrote:If someone wants to coop through the defiled Pthumerian chalice dungeons together, add me : SenexSenis Level 130

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Hey if we can figure out how to do it together message me on psn bullgod77


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remember to join the Fextralife's Bloodborne discord for help! theres vet hunters who can help out
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Need help! Glyph is wma2 or add me on psn Hyperactivy