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I have like 400 items I have to pare down so I have room to pick stuff up. I guess I should sell the lower level stuff with bonuses I dont like.

The inventory management is crazy in this game, you pick up so much junk and not easy to compare items

Whats the benefit of soul matching if you have a higher level item and an inheritable bonus, why would you upgrade a lower level weapon instead of just using the higher level one?



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Well, once you get really good social abilities on a weapon or armor, you might want to keep that one instead of try to reroll a new one.

The blacksmith in Nioh is a really complicated thing, that takes a good long while to get used to. At your level, there is no point in soul matching or reforging your gear, as you are going to replace it very quickly. Soul matching lets you level up gear, or move inheritable special effects from one item to another (with some restrictions). Reforging lets you change special effects on weapons and armor (again, with some restrictions).

These two categories really shine later in the game, when you have divine or ethereal gear and have tons of materials and gold to blow on making a perfect weapon and armor set.

Right now though, don't worry about it and just play through Way of the Samurai. Once you beat this difficulty, you get access to divine gear, then you can start really working on a specialized build and gear.



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I think the Blacksmith Page is quite good for figuring some stuff out. Try exploring the different options and explanations and read the comments sections when confused.
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I hardly used the blacksmith in the first 3/4th of the game. I would donate excess items at the shrine in exchange for Amrita, to level up. But now, I'm at the smiths several times a night, selling excess for gold and then soul/matching.

Lich is correct; don't worry about that all now. Save it for when you start getting divine drops because divine gear can be raised beyond level 150.

Pay attention to the traits each armor and weapon have. Some have elemental damage. I have dual swords and kusigamis for almost all of the elements and it helps a lot because most bosses have at least one elemental weakness. My armor has a trait that increases attack with a kusigami, which are my main weapons. Some weapons have a trait that scales with an attribute like Skill or Strength so when you level up that attribute, your weapon hits harder. My main weapon has an A+ scale with Skill, which is where the bulk of my levels are, so this weapon hits hits harder than any other.


First Warden

Joined: Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:24 pm
Souls: 1,607.00
Posts: 177
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