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Ran the Lothric Castle bonfire farming spot for exactly 10minutes on NG with the Symbol of Avarice, Mendicant's Staff (forgot to equip a couple of tmes), Shield of Want, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3 and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3

Netted 244215 souls just by the killing, after selling everything that dropped (except embers) i ended up with 262615 souls. Just wanted to try it out and confirm it if anyone was interested. A really good alternative to the winged knight's in the Grand Archives for those having problems with those
This is my way of farming souls: Go to the golden winged knights in the grand archives, it takes too long and is very hard to kill all 3 at the same time, so what I do is as soon as they jump down I rapport them. One of them dies and the other one is always on very low health. Once you killed the first two, go around the tower until you find the 3rd one. Rapport it and then kill at it. Easy souls!
IMO the dragon barracks is the best place for easy farming. Just run up the short stairs to the left of the bonfire and kill the red-eyed spear knight resting up there. He's totally unaware of you and is a guaranteed backstab to start off. I usually just use a zwiehander +10, hornet ring, and maybe power within while wearing shield of want, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3, and symbol of avarice will net you about 19,100 souls. (It's not much less even if you don't have +3 version) Run only takes about 26-30 seconds.
Also forgot to mention that if you have the medicants staff, you can quickly switch to that after killing him for additional souls, brings you up to about 23000 per kill. You can also use wolf knight greatsword for more damage since he is an abyssal enemy. The soul amounts are based on NG+
souls: equip shield of want, symbol of aviarice, the silver serpent ring. Go to the grand archives roof, make the ascended winged knights jump of, use the rapport pyromancy on one of the 2 on the right immideately, and watch. when one dies, switch your right hand to medicaments staff. you can rapport and backstab the other ascended winged knights. gives about 100k/cycle.
at archdragon peak on NG++, with symbol of avarice, shield of want, silver serpant ring+2 and medicants staff, i made 980k souls in 10 minutes, also collecting lots of large shards and lightening gems, few chunks and various items that can be sold for a few souls. if you dont collect items, you could easily get over 6mil souls per hour here, from NG++ that is
Ringed city streets - get the short cut open and kill the ringed knight under the bridge. A drop attack n a few hits after should do it. 17k per kill. soul extraction too fast for mendicant staff
You don't even need to kill him, just start his walking cycle and walk away. He eventually falls off the edge whilst you're killing the locusts.
Twin Princes bonfire run down an kill the greatsword wielding knight and the shielded one next to him. With symbol of avarice, gold and silver +3 rings and shield of want. Nets about 20,000 souls for about 1 mins work.
titanite SHARD FARM... (Catacombs of Carthus)

Have on the Gold Serpent ring, the regular Serpent Ring, the Shield of Want, and the Symbol of Avarice. Go to the Old King's Antechamber bonfire. Go down the stairs and kill all the mobs in the area. You can get at most 6 titanite shards (and some large titanite shards) every 1-2 minutes (You dont have to kill the fire breathing dudes they don't drop anything ever).
Am I the only one who realized that you can farm infinite souls AFK at cathedral of the deep??? Go to the place right after the graveyard where you find the bone shard and the giant shooting at the infinite respawning enemies. Go behind one of the tombstones and use a white branch. The giant will kill all the enemies for you! Its not many souls but if you go AFK for about 3 hours you will have like 10M.
Dragon Barracks bonfire red eye knight kneeling down (up the stairs you'll be facing as you port in). Easy kill, loot body, roll off and reset easy to get two kills in under one minute. On new game netted 9504 (switch to staff) along with large shards and chunks of titanite. Not on ng+ yet, if someone wanted to test that for numbers.