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Need to farm if anybody is trying to get this still. Will be ready in about 4 hours and free for the next 24hrs. Psn: jacobnator2000 if anybody is interested
Anyone up for farming this? PSN: outdraw
Add me. PSN: Mathisimus. I will be available most time the next few days.
Add me Steam ID:
Also, password is pissoff. I'll be up for farming tomorrow if anyone needs it
(you better think i'm farming it too)
Yeah I will add you if you have the time for it
Anyone up for farming?: PSN: Raukmoth
PS4 Farm anyone? PSN: senennryu
Lets Farm PSN: omegatis



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Why don't they just give you one when you beat a boss as a mad phantom?
xbox one farm?? GT: joker101azooz
Hell I'll do it
Ps4 farming, psn: breno_henrique27
Ps4 farming, my psn is Incineration1337