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support bleed build? gnaw+eleonora+LUCK+FTH=epic team bleed/heal build... im all over this
Only thing this is good for is beginning fight club matches


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Would this be good for a quality build?
no, as it has very bad scaling in both strenght and dex (d in both)
Important question. When you invade another world and use the weapon art can everyone in that world hear it? I ask because I can't hear it when I'm invading, and the main draw of using this weapon is to taunt people with the Feast Bell after beating them... kindly pointless if it doesn't even make any sound.
Has there been any research into the weapon art?
Just a heads up, apparently the elonora weapon art' s heal buff stacks with lifehunt scythe
The description for this item almost seems to be talking about the disciples of the Witch of Izalith... Did they end up becoming the Monstrosities of Sin, then? I'm so confused...