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Tip against wannabe parry lords: Dead angle the weapon art since it has god tier tracking. Do the charge but don't go straight, go to the right of the person and for the spin go behind them and it should hit them (spin can't be parried)
It's what I do to juke L2 spammers and then I use the full weapon art on wakeup for a nice kill.
The spin can be parried
Dead angling is where you don't target the enemy right?
Spin can be parried i parried
The spin can't be parried. No idea what you guys are talking about. Spin is literally a golf swing. No ending frame of a knockdown attack can be parried in this game.
Yeah dead angling is basically when you're hitting the enemy without targeting them. So for example if you use the weapon art. Unlock, do the charge but don't go forward (if facing someone with a parry tool) go to the right or left then towards their back for the spin.
Dead angling also works against any parry fisher. So if you have your back towards the person and the edge of your sword is hitting the dude, they can't parry your attack. Because you're basically hitting behind them.
it's gud
Be careful when using its WA, super easy to parry due to the many "attacks" in the animation that are parryable


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True enough, but then again almost everything is easy to parry in 3. =/
Does the initial Weapon Art charge deal Thrust damage and benefit from the Leo Ring?
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surprisingly effective WA against the current meta nerds spamming L1 with the ringed greatswords :^) might be worth a try if you have trouble against those.
Can anyone trade this weapon with me because i wanna do a gundyr build but already consumed his soul i have a +5 black Knight great axe to trade and if you want anything else just let me know I'm on ps4
Lol, a meta works well against another meta? Who knew?
"This old cast-iron halberd [...] is said to never crumble" 500 Durability? Could as well be 30 with the current system where weapons automatically repair themselves and wear down even slower than in ds1. The only way to break your weapon is to not know what to do in Deacons bossfight or when doing a no bonfire run.
Or: Moonlight Greatsword
My weopon reaches critical level all the time. But only when I am either rushing through the game or pvping in Faron woods / Anor Londo
I kinda wish they never removed it's poise damage. Because from a lore standpoint and the size, it makes sense. Would of been a good weapon to use against annoying Hyper Armor centric weapons. Oh well, DumbSoft does it again.
so what is the disadvantage of using this with no fp?
the WA i meant....


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Don't take this as a fact as I haven't actually tested this but I quess it does less damage and won't knockdown.
Less damage for WA
this needs a buff to hyperarmor/poise dmg & maybe slight buff to scaling
maybe nerf the WA a bit in exchange for that to make it viable w/o just repeating L2 combo
it looks amazing & has so much potential but it's hard not to get frustrated by 2H attacks getting stunlocked by greatsword class 1H R1s
Lol hell no. Gundyr's Halberd is still as meta as ever. It crushes every other weapon type. If you're losing to greatswords, you need to work on your spacing.