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How can she be a Great One and Kin at the same time?
Her title, "Daughter of the Cosmos," implies her "heritage," literal or metaphorical, is what classifies her as a Great One. In other words, her kinship with the gods made her a goddess herself.
I thought all Great Ones were Kin?
So is there really no way to effectively dodge her charge? I can fight her quite well but the charge always gets me.
If you're at a good enough distance, you can run away when she charges and won't get hit. If you're stuck closer to her when she readies the charge, you'll have to dodge at the precise moment as perpendicular to her charge direction as possible (ie don't angle the dodge any toward or away from her).
uhhh i just dropped her on ng+2 in about a minute. you can literally shred her with a whirlygig saw
You can say that all you want but her charge is what people have the most trouble with
She never gets the chance to charge. Just stick to her side and hold L2
I swear to God who writes these things. following a strategy to dodge and attack her is not a procedure.



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I frankly found this ***** quite underwelming, for an optional boss...I mean, I was not too overleveled (a quality 35/35 build, at the moment of the fight, with 50 vitality and 40 endurance, plus 14 Bloodtinge)...used a Ludwig Holy Blade +9 buffed with bolt paper, all honesty, I had far more troubles with Father Gascoigne. I kicked the***** out of her first try, using only 5 blood vials...and I'm not that good as a player
Dude, that is for sure over leveled...
I swear to God, I have zero issues with any bosses except this b***** it seems to be entirely based on luck whether or not she will spam a call beyond then immediately charge me.
Use A Call Beyond on her and summon the mage, she's super easy! I've beat her with only dying maybe 5 times the most, she's really not that bad
Easy strat - Big weapon that hit for alot like kirkhammer or ludwig's sword buffed with lightning, summon mensis and then stab her in the *** till she dies. if mensis dies then circle strafe and stab stab stab or cannon your way to victory.
her mouth looks like a *****
What kind of ***** have you been looking at???
Literally harmless once you know the mechanics
Stay medium range and run left to pre dodge any charge attacks she might do then run as close to her front as possible then run in a circle while tapping r1 and when you see ANY animation run left and away.Never lock on
She can't do all of her attacks at the closest possible range while your infront of her
nice first note, nurd