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Hey guys,
we has a problem with the coop mode. Its rly scary.
At first: Our Dates:
My Partner: Lvl 127, Souls
My Dates: Lvl 132, Souls 1581104 (But i has 193676 Souls in of my counter)

We plays with the Heirs of the Sun Covenants, we are humanitity but we have every day the same problem.
I place my symbol, we take a boss and after than he cant see my symbol and i cant see his.... We cant play together. We do all. He go farming, we can invade and so on but overtime we dont see the symbole from the other one.
And yes we play with the name engraved ring and the same god and the humanity effect on the bonfire its off.
Can anyone help us?
Its rly lame when we can do 1 Boss per Day together :/

Sry for my bad english.

Have a nice day


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You can only summon players in an area where the boss is still alive. If you defeat the boss, you'll need to either move on to another location where the boss is still alive, or else revive the boss you just defeated by using a Bonfire Ascetic at the bonfire before that boss. Defeating a boss also automatically blocks multiplayer in that area as if you'd just burned a Human Effigy at the bonfire, so you'll need to cancel that if you want to co-op in that area again after reviving the boss with a Bonfire Ascetic (this doesn't matter if you simply move to another area).

You only need to worry about the boss being alive if you're using the normal White Sign Soapstone. The boss can be dead if you use the Small White Sign Soapstone, but if I recall correctly you'll still need to cancel the Human Effigy effect if you killed the local boss recently.