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very helpful
rip well what is it
Rip shrug... one of the most iconic emotes and not in ds3
why is there not a bird gesture? that would be perfect for this game
i wish all the good bows weren't from the hollow questline
I just had a bug with the applause gesture, after I killed the darkwraith and got the red eye orb Leonard would not give it to me. I returned to the area where the darkwraith is and it had respawn. Just had to kill it a second time and return to Leonard and I got the gesture. Hope this helps anyone in the same situation. Praise the sun !
Is there an unmannered bow? I read somewhere that there was an unmannered bow gesture somewhere.
Yeah but it is cut content
Can there be on separate characters?
I tested this out - made a new one as I just needed to get Darkmoon Loyalty gesture - when I received the gesture was expecting Gesture Master achievement - sadly I didn't get it; so I believe it has to be only in one character.
Thought my achievements were bugged. Turns out I made it to new game plus 5 without ever getting the Beckon gesture.... RIP ME
Same here. I restarted and I just found out that I don't have beckon. Dark Souls man... making me restart again. At least he's one of the very first NPC's you meet.


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