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This thing is a beast
Not as fun as in bloodborne FeelsBadMan
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Any opinions on the MLG weapon art? I kinda find it really lackluster, since i seem to miss people most of the time. And the Greatsword of Judgment seems the better choice because it can also launch a projectile for the cost of FP instead of durability, and that it has a good self-buff.
FP instead of durability is worse. The 2 hand attack is just slow, and free aim isn't really possible.

The weapon art is really good for tanking big attacks, if you have a lot of poise yourself


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WA is only useful for the hyper armour you get, other than that it's useless.
Does anyone know if the moonlight weapon art gets buffed by leo ring damage?
No. The leo ring only boosts the damage of thrust weapons when getting counter hits. If you want to get counter hits I suggest using any weapon that deals thrust damage.
Yes, Weapon Art is a thrust attack and good for ultra heavy weapon countering. The other attacks aren't thrust attacks however.
wonder what happens when you take this sword then use the old moonlight spell from darkeater midir on it.
Old moonlight isn't a buff, it just conjures the old moonlight sword for one attack.
Does anyone know the stamina cost per swing? I had always assumed it was based on weight but after spending some time on here im not sure
Its the same as for every other greatsword class, There is no coded stamina consumption per weight in DS3.
I've checked it many times in CE :P All stamina costs are related to little thing called "BehaviourID" which mostly speaks as "what weapon is this" (There are few exceptions in weapons due to their unique behaviour like the Aquamarine dagger, but thats the fail on the Fromsoft side)

SO to answer your question shortly, stamina per swing is the same as claymore, flamberge etc
@anon talking about no difference, it is a combination of weaponclass and the weight of the weapon
It's better than Gaels in my opinion. It saves you leveling strength and dex in exchange for just leveling intelligence, it can trade ultra weapons with its weapon art and come out on top. It goes through shields somewhat.

Gaels greatsword weapon art combos, yes, but is pretty easy to evade and doesn't have the poise frames.

I think people put Gaels on top because of the stab R2, which is ridiculous, and too many low level poiseless sorcerers use this weapon
Danifica muito facilmente. As vezes nem dá pra terminar uma luta com um Boss.
Translation: It breaks easily, sometimes you can't even finish a fight with a boss.
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