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El DLC2 me encanto sobre todo la batalla contra Gael fue epiquisimo wow
If anybody is willing to give me souls (soul of a great champion,etc) to level up my other Characters I'm willing to drop you dlc weapons pm me on psn Yousef_sonoforyx
Still want souls?
selling like a god church
England is my city
ringed is my country
the enemy category missed the incect like mob
Anyone knows how to fix infinite ringed city loading screen?
My favorite Darkmoon experience currently, is getting summoned to one of the hundreds of Gank Squads and watching the idiot host follow invaders into the Harold Legion.

It's not that I'm rooting for the invaders exactly, I just like watching idiots get that gank-mentality and have it absolutely ***** them. I kind of root for Invaders during a gank, simply because I've been ganked, but Watching somebody get killed over their own stupidity is pretty satisfying. It's like watching kids fall off bikes, it never gets old.
and that's why you deserved to be ganked