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I defeated him first try , and he did melee,pyromancy,melee
I think I may have found a glitch. When defeating him as a summoned phantom, using mendicants staff, shield of want, and covetous silver serpent ring, I was netting 79200 souls. When I dot symbol of avarice. I tried farming with all the items from above and symbol but only netted 59200. So I assumed the 79200 i wa farming from before was an accident. But when I tested it out, I got 79200 again. I'm not saying this might work for everyone, I'm just sharing something that occurred to me and I want to see if it's happening to anybody else. (NG character not new game plus)
You can still be summoned to other worlds that are on NG+ and higher as phantom.
You will have been summoned into a higher game cycle.
The Soul of Cinder now can smack you while in sorcerer mode, so now that mode is no longer the safest time to pound away. Admittedly it's a quite rare attack, but me and my friends have experienced it several times.
same. he can glitch and use greatsword attacks in any of his 4 movesets. I have had it screw me over a bunch.
He can cast Great Magic Barrier, although its rare



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Why did he try to grab me so many times?He used it 2 times in a row and rarely tries to grab the third time.He must be on fire.
Once he tried to grab me 4 times in a row
Managed to absolutely dominate the fight with a +5 irithyll straight sword, a +10 greatsword and Yuria summoned. Comes to the second stage (when SoC health fills again) with literally 1cm worth of health left on it and a full bar on mine. This ***** drops a 1234502x hit combo and i'm dead. AAAAAAGH
Git Gud. I defeat him everytime alone with no problem


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You give excellent advice, sir. Bravo. I tip my hat to your excellence.
Whoever thought that the 5-hit combo was a balanced idea and included in the game should be slapped. It's BS. Amazing boss otherwise, just that single combo sucks.
Get good


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The combo is heavily telegraphed and if you're not an idiot you should know to get away immediatly when you see it. If you fail to see that its coming its your fault for getting juggled to death. Its a hard-to-land kill combo. There is nothing unbalanced about it. Imo its actually a bit underbalanced.
This "boss" zeroed my desire to go for ng+.
To hell with those 3 phase random bosses.
We are talking of SoC, right? What 3 phase are you talking about?
SoC is only two phase.
Stupid buggy *** fanservice boss.
Awww, are you stuck?
real cute
Am I reading the soul drops correctly? If phantoms are summoned for the fight, does the host get less souls or just the phantoms?