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Is the weapon art parryable? Got the weapon transfused, yet to get a chance to use it.
yes, both are parryable
ohh look, MORE wonky running r1s!
well abusing weapons is of what half Dark Souls is made of but if people would at least try to learn the weapon some losses wouldn't feel half as bad...and would be certainly 10min shorter.
Maybe someone would like to sell this weapon? :)
How much wolod you give for it?
Sure 2 quid and it is yours
So.. while everyone here goes about "this is a good bleed weapon at last" I'm so annoyed about this sword right now.. The range is as bad as with the other katanas what's a real problem against all the foes using greatswords or speers.. Damage is only about medium and the biggest joke about this weapon are 20(!) durability and that it hardly ever makes an enemy struggle. So you slash at them and directly have their weapon in your face as you break the blade within 5 minutes in narrow places... If you are looking for a decent bleed weapon rather go for the crow talon things...

Really extremely dissapointed what a poor weapon this is considering how hard it was to kill the dragon..
The L2 has additional poise damage and can stagger enemies you wouldn't with R2. Church Guardian, for example. R1 does cancel into WA, so capitalize on it. Lastly, it's still a katana. You must counter heavy weapons with speed.
I get it. You're trying to steer people away from using this awesome weapon. Because it is awesome. It's got the poke game of all katanas, good range(for a katana), some bleed, and two useful WAs. Breakage shouldn't be a problem if you aren't wailing away on greatshields, and if it does break, switch to your offhand and use repair powder when you get a chance. The best Katana imo.
Midir is hard, omg wtf? Midir is ultra easy i kill him first chance, without phantoms and i use only easy...;-)
Does any one know how to counter the weapon art
the ranged one is easy to roll, the slice spam is easy to win a trade with poise
By gitting gud
Yes. Don't get hit by it. I'm serious. It isn't hard to avoid.
Git gud
I really don't know if the R2WA can be parried. Know for a fact the R1 can be but me and a friend tried over and over practicing and he could never parry it with a cestus. We didn't try with a shield though so that might work but it didn't seem like the cestus worked



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Used it on Dancer on NG+. Only used L2+R2. She went down in under a minute, though I played it safe. Got two or three bleed-outs, and the R2WA tickled my weeb side. Loved it. 9/10 Would be 10/10 if not for the lack of faith scaling, even a low one, and a joke-like durability
Is the weapon art parriable?
Yes, it can even be parried without taking damage. Skip to about 55 seconds in.
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Soooo, the happiest WA of them all?
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is mugenmonkey up to date on this? Despite having an A scaling it still gets huge bonuses until 60dex. This is en par with the S scaling chaos blade!