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i killed him early in the game. does that mean i cant get this ring? and therefore cannot get the all rings trophy? shiiiiit. that sucks. guess i wont get all trophies this play-through
Yeaaaaah... not sure why you're killing NPCs if you're planning on getting all trophies, anyway.
There is such a thing as NG+
I got this from Hawkwood right after having killed Aldritch. I also thought I had missed the opportunity of getting it.
Regarding Trivia
FP reduction used by people who dont uses fp. That has been bothering me for a while, dose anyone have an explanation why the devs did this?
The Farron GS isnt the only weapon associated with Farron's Undead Legion, the Follower Saber, Javelin and Torch all require fp to use the weapon skill. And the Old Wolf Curved GS uses it as well.
My head cannon is that the blade rush the boss uses (Where he puts the dagger in the ground and seems to be pulled forward by it wile bounding like a wolf) is the true "weapon art" of the Farron Great Sword, but lacking the wolfs blood, and badassery keeps the unkindled from being able to use it, perhaps the FP cost is higher than the unkindled can reach, even with the assistance of this ring.
That doesn't make a lot of sense, Hawkwood was a deserter Abyss Watcher, why would he need a ring like that?
You need to exhaust all the dialogues before you get the ring from Hawkwood. (You need to complete the Abyss Watchers as stated above)
This ring works well with Wolf Knight's Greatsword. Its weapon art is one of the best in the game.
someone needs to add that you have to put the cinders of a lord onto the throne before talking to hawkwood
You don't actually. I always wait till the end of my play through to place the cinders of the lords, always get the ring right after killing the Watchers.
I just now talked to hawkwood, before placing the Lord onto the throne, and still received the ring.
I have screwed up ~_~
Though it says Wepon Skills, I've found that it doesn't affect the Storyteller's Staff any when using it's WA.