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what is with these spam messages on this page? seriously.
It's probably Copypasta.
Granted, maybe it is a dedicated*****poster typing all that garbage out one word at a time
wtf are these stupid comments?



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Deleted a lot of spam and possibly closing comments on this page to avoid more. Stupid bots cannot distinguish between a magic site and a gaming one.
Has anyone seen my hat?

I bought a new hat the other day and I don't know where it is, any help would be appreciated thanks.
Well my Brienne of Tarth build is now complete.
This ring is gay...
It's a trap
This ring is nice for making me not look goofy as hell when I wear armor like the Sunless set or the Dancer's armor, but I wish it didn't have to be a ring that sacrifices one of four slots I could use for stats improvements...