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Faith scaling on lightning gem is incorrect, results in an A scaling, not an S scaling
This sword is one of the worst ss now...RIP dank sword
A powerful build for this sword is:
Starting class Deprived
SL 120
Rings: Ring of Favor +3, Life Ring +3, Chloranthy Ring +3, Prisoner's Chain.
Armor Iron Dragonslayer Set
Weapons: Refind Dark Sword, Dark hand
Did you know that you can actually combo R1R1R2R2?
Or R1R1R2L2(with dark hand)
Nice the R1R1R2R2 doesnt catch rolling outward opponents but it changes the timing for the attack and parry gods lose the parry.
I like to dance by
Doing the r2 over and over. Slightly hilarious to see knight look like he's dancing by spinning around. Now join to sing BABY RIGHT ROUND TURN AROU-

I was then swiftly shot for that joke
I like to dance by
Spamming the r2 over and over. Slightly hilarious to see a knight look like he's dancing by spinning around. Now join as we all sing BABY RIGHT ROUND TURN AROU-

I was then swiftly shot for that joke
what was the base AR for this weapon pre-nerf? the only info i can find is that the nerf took of 20 AR at max, so im assuming that means they took off 10 AR from the base. Can anybody confirm this?


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This weapon, when on a fully optimized build, has the (phantom) range of an Ultra Greatsword, the damage of a Greatsword and the speed of a Straight Sword.
Thanks, Miyazaki.
There are a better straight swords in the game than this now
git gud casul
And which are the better ones?
Lothric knight sword, longsword and broadsword
Yeah it's okay but imo it's a one trick pony in PvP and easily manageable. Just git gud and dark swords are really no biggie.


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I started using this in Pvp and people started clapping midfight because they suddenly suck. I *****ing love my crystal infused dank sword, thanks for makind DS great again. Yours truly: Casul
Fanboys always complain
+10 Dark sword Crystal infused only scales to A in INT not S
Broadsword +10 vs Dark Sword +10 Which wins? Including infusions
Don't listen to him he's an idiot. The base damage is higher for the broadsword sure.... but the scaling is actually pathetic. The Dark Sword wins no contest look at the context before answering a question stupid, the highest you can get in scaling with a broadsword is a heavy gem which gives an A scaling along with lightning, Simple, Blessed, and Crystal. The Dark Sword has all of that along with a B B scaling in dex and str using a Refined gem. The Broadsword only gets C C scaling from a Refined gem.
lol, bit touchy aren't you, previous commenter?

Seriously this is down to moveset, but the broadsword certainly has better AR with a lot of fusions, especially dark/chaos
It's because people on the internet have this craving to be right and viewed as witty and superior on pedantic matters. Seriously, someone anal bloke called me out on YT comments because my values weren't completely accurate, no joke.

Though considering moveset, all 2H straight sword normal attacks are inferior to 1h normal attacks. So when you 2h the Dark Sword, it's 'unique' heavy attack (which stays the same whether 2h/1h) + inferior straight sword 2h normal attacks makes it the black sheep of its weapon class. This makes Broadsword is more viable, because the Stance WA is reliable and versatile, and its moveset in general is closer to the conventional straight sword moveset such as the Lothric Knight Sword and the Long sword. But the Dark Sword's saving grace that keeps it in the race is Stomp. Stomp is a really good and balanced weapon art, unlike Perseverance which can be spammed. Or as I like to call it, Perseverance for smart people.