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This is the son of the baller swag sword
Sharp upgrade table needs to be updated. According to the table its dex scaling with sharp gem doesn't go above a "B", however, the Max table says it reaches "S".
It still goes to S with a sharp infusion.
Don't pay attention to my previous response. I was distracted...



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OP AR lol
Table needs update. I have a Blood Lothric Sword+7 with 45 Bleed.
With all the fuss about the table being inaccurate: sharp or refined? I'm going for a classic melee build (dex up and str as far as I come to afterwards)
Sharp. Works better and you get to put the stats elsewhere


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Bad info. This sword has sex scaling of A with sharp infusion. You guys ruined my character creation, after I thought it would have S scaling on +10. Please correct your tables.
You mean "dex" right?
sex. lol
No no, sex... like when you stab a budy in the butt :)
I wish my sex skill would scale D:
Noticed table is wrong here all elemental infusions
Chaos/Dark infusion my friends.
Works great with the dragon head shield
chaos +10 is only BB int/faith ...thanks...
It has a S scaling in faith at +7 with lightning infusion and a C scaleing in dex
What sword is scaling better on blessed infusion? This or Longsword?



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longswords ar is a litte bit higher, but the lks ist definitly the better choice.