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This weapon is really unfair and too much strong
Can anyone recommend a good build for this? Also looking to trade with someone to get it earlier in game.
put 23 in each skill. hangtime baby
I'd say the weapon shines the best on a 66 Strength build. 599 while two handing is very good for a halberd, and if you get 15 faith and blessed weapon, it will go into the 600's.
Sharp gem ratings are wrong. It's STR: D and DEX: A.
Simple, chaos, blessed and dark gem scalings are all wrong as well.
Would anyone be willing to drop/trade me one?
Anyone? Add me on steam > Rubbrbandman (I have one on my main if you could even help me transfer it to my other character)
Dude just buy it from the Pilgrim chick outside of the Dreg Heap bonfire.
Splitleaf sometimes when buffed(with resins or magic buffs) makes somewhat of x2 damage instances on regular hits and can deal ~700dmg on 1 hit. anyone got info about that?
it is a counter hit specifically one of those rare super counters that not everyone knows about but basically there is a point when attacking with any weapon where you can do almost double damage this is something I found out killing corvians with a scythe because there knife flail move makes them really easy to hit with a counter hit but basically a super counter makes a louder noise when successful and is far rarer in pvp
nono, its not counter damage or damage during instability frames. when it happes it has a sound but it is a doubled crackling sound of lightning resin that i usally put on weapon
as long as there is the black crystal the splitleaf greatsword has a perfect counter. play with yourself kiddo


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Wonder who that idiot who thinks there's no Poise is I guess he's never used multiple weapons and connected with an attack that would have been interrupted and didn't involve hyper armor do to poise or does my Sunlight Straight Sword have hyper armor for normal attacks
Poise doesn't exist. Only hyper armor does.
The hell are you talking about?
You weren't at all eloquent, as a matter of fact it is kind of difficult to read, but you're right.
poise does exist and it effects hyper armor basically the higher your poise the more hyper armor you have on your attacks so a havel monster would be harder to stagger out of a Great sword hit than a man with no armor and if I am correct dfizzil all attacks have hyper armor however some have less than others because if your sunlight straight sword didn't have any hyper armor poise wouldn't have an effect
Correct. Poise is only activated during HA frames. You won't stagger unless their attack does greater poise damage than your poise health which is determined by your poise rating. People who think otherwise either haven't done their research, or are just crying that poise works differently now. DS3's poise is the most balanced for pvp so far.
This weapon is so OP
It needs a serious need. Such an easy combo
For future reference, since there still seem to be a few confused people, poise does exist and it determines how well your hyper armor works. There is a reason there is a numerical value shown on your player status screen, it is so you can get the correct amount of poise to hyper armor through certain attacks. This value is dependent on what weapon you're using and what weapon class you're going against. You can search up the values pretty easily and i'd REALLY recommend it because getting staggered out of your hyper armor makes trading significantly more difficult. It usually takes a relatively low amount of poise to hyper armor through light attacks from straight swords,curved swords, etc. though this is influenced by your weapon, you might need more poise to tank through light attacks while using one halberd than another halberd.