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Here's an idea: make frost weaponry deal bonus damage to frostbitten opponents. Perhaps increase the damage dealt by a percentage equal to the frost aux effect on the weapon. Because right now there's no reason to keep using frostbite once your opponent is frostbitten. Although it would make the outrider knights a bit more frightening.
OP here. This is no longer a good idea, now that the frost aux on most weapons has been buffed. Vordt's Hammer with 110% bonus damage would be obscene.
A good compromise would be that if you hit an enemy with a frost weapon AFTER they have already caught the frostbite it will prevent their frost from decaying as fast. (i.e. let's say that frostbite lasts for 30 seconds [i'm not sure how long it lasts, just humor me] but each time you hit someone with a frost weapon it sets that time back to 5 seconds etc.. meaning that the only ways to remove frost is to either A) avoid all hits from a frost weapon for 30 seconds B) Run away until it wears off, or C) use a blue moss to negate it entirely. Or perhaps they could make frostbite have two "levels" where it procs twice, the first time it does the normal effect, then the second time would cause all of the negative effects of frost to increase by 30% or something. So like assuming frostbite lowers defenses by 10% [i've heard some people say as low as 8% or as high as 15% so 10 is pretty decent guess] causes 10% damage (120 damage for someone with 1200 total hp) and lowers stamina regen by 8/second, then the second level would raise the defense penalty from 10% to 13%, would increase initial proc damage from 10% to 13% damage when proc'd (156 damage on a 1200hp enemy rather than 120 for the first level) and the stamina regen penalty will raise from 8/second to 10.5/second.

That would mean hitting someone with both level one and level two consecutively (very hard to do since something like Vordt's would likely kill you before you can proc the 2nd level, and even weaker weapons like Irithyll Sword or Rapier etc.. would still have to keep up the pressure to cause enough buildup, making snap freeze etc.. actually useful) all in total would cause a total of 276 proc damage (120 + 156. again, assuming 1200 hp max) would induce a 13% defense penalty, and a 10.5 stamina per second regen penalty
is there a way to tell if an enemy is frostbitten? i think i see when it happens. like their torso has steam come out for a second or 2. but is there a way to know how long it lasts or any other indication. i guess if i knew how long it last i could guesstimate when it would go away IF i saw when it actually set in.
You hear a sound that sounds like glass shattering and do more damage.
just it would be nice to know when to re-apply snap freeze without looking trying to figure out if im still getting damage bonus after the counter is past one hit. and i dont recall ever hearing a shatter noise. ive inflicted frost a ton of times and the only indication has been the small damage they take initially. again, if you can see it when the counter is not at zero. ill try to listen for the shatter tho. thanx
ive noticed on twin prince the shatter sound doesnt happen. but yes, i did hear it on havel loud and clear. an oversite by FROM? who knows
What is the duration of frostbite, how long does the enemy stay under this effect, has anybody tested?
Well, I went and tested myself, I rolled into those frostbite pots in Irithyll and timed it, seems to last around 13-14 seconds. I then applied frostbite on a Silver Knight, and while I didn't time it properly (I only have 2 hands), it seems to last more or less the same.
I didn't see no visual indicator that enemy is frostbiten (only the initial burst of damage and the sound of breaking glass, as other people have called it) unlike the player which has a cloud around him. The only way to tell is that you're doing increased damage it seems.
I tested it on slave knight gael, using snap freeze, seemed to last 30 seconds or so
Does anyone know the percentage of HP lost with frostbite? Is it a flat percentage like bleed? It seems to also get the counter hit boost that bleed does whereif you are frostbitten on a counter hit it will do bonus damage?


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Says 11% reduction from max hp, +85 flat damage.
From what I can tell, most of the bosses in the game can be frostbitten and it is often a very useful tactic to use against them.
Here are the ones I know for sure I have been able to inflict frostbite on.
Dancer of the Boreal Valley
Oceiros, the Consumed King
Champion Gundyr
Crystal Sage
Abyss Watchers
Deacons of the Deep
Pontiff Sulyvahn
Dragonslayer Armor
Sister Friede and Father Ariandel

I have found it to be most useful against Dragonslayer, Champion Gundyr, Pontiff Sulyvhan, Sister Friede, Abyss Watchers.
Ancient Wyvern can be frostbitten as well. Just beat him fighting on the ground with vordts great hammer and snap freeze. if you can hit his neck or tail; it's much better. He is very resistant to it, however. Hitting his feet it took maybe 10-12 2hR1s to proc. 75 per swing and then suddenly 600 or so.
Can confirm, both the bird he rides on and nameless king himself are very suseptable to frostbite! Made that fight much easier than it usually is for me. Would frostbite them in 2 swings with vordt's great hammer.
"fkn bird or smth"
In conclusion, the only bosses I was not able to frostbite were Curse Rotted Greatwood, Old Demon King, High Lord Wolnir, and Yhorm the Giant? (unsure, as was not able to test this, so it might be possible). So, it definitally works on almost every boss in the entire game.
Edit: It seems that Sister Friede cannot be frostbitten, tho Father Ariandal can be, so that was the confusion there. Also, I had not done the Ringed City DLC on this build, and having done so now, I was not able to frostbite the Demon Prince boss(es) nor Darkeater Midir. Slave Knight Gael can be frostbitten, however.
I'm pretty sure dancer can't be. Or, at least, I couldn't get her frostbitten after 4 snap-freezes.
old demon king and wolnir can be frostbitten with one cast. paired with the storytellers staff WA and you can just watch them die before you. wolnir doesnt even wake up
I was able to frostbite the dancer with Vordt's Mace. Can't remember how many hits it took, but her HP would def 'pop' after it proc'd.
and storyteller staff WA frostbite? I'M pretty sure you'Re talking about poison man.
Anyone know the defense % reduction when frost bitten?
It looks like 9% on all defenses. Magic, fire, lightning, and dark included.



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Wiki says that damage absorptions are reduced by 15 - 20%.
Wish it was cumulative. Second application should be fatroll city.