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Tomorrow at around 4pm-6pm EST ill be hosting a Fight Club at Outer Wall Bonfire at Eleum loyce (if you dont have dlc why are you playing) SL 125-150 SM around 1.25 Million. If you want to participate message me GT: iiRainy
before the beginning to get in. No Trolling, You may place Red Sign Soapstone if you only want to fight, or White Sign to go through the area and fight the bosses after the fight club is over, pls no trolls (i dont know if that still exists in ds2) you may invade with orb but to tell me youre friendly do the prostration gesture, (Gotten from Laddersmith Millard, search the wiki for it, he is in Earthen Peak.) :twisted: :00008: (This actually will be delayed for TODAY right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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