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PvP covenant based in Elyeum Loyce

Invade other players for tokens of spite in the Ivory Crown DLC, or the shrine of winter, for those of you without the dlc. Then, once said tokens have been acquired, stand in front of the oracle, or in front of the door to shrine of winter, perform the Prostration gesture, and offer your token of spite by discarding it, one at a time if multiple are held.

To prevent fellow members from attacking each other, use the Prostration gesture to each other, then the invader must return to their world. Better to use the gesture when invading, or being invaded, regardless. You may use the Red Sign Soapstone. This covenant does not forbid you to help other players in co-op, including against another, invading member of the Ivory Guard. It is forbidden to harm Alanna, and to do so would invoke the wrath of the Ivory Guard itself.

"When the Ivory King gave himself to the Flames of Chaos, his queen was left by herself, alone and scared. Then the citizen's of the ivory city saw their frightened queen, and took up arms in defense of their defenseless oracle. And thus, the Ivory Guard Covenant was born, their duty, to comfort and protect their beloved Queen."
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soooooooooo i would like to join buuuuuuut, nvm ill just say i R.I.P'ed Alsanna
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