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I have a lot of trouble with the Fume Knight in the regular PC version of Dark Souls 2. I am in normal NG, level 150 and i am using a strength build. I always get him to his second phase but then he totally wrecks me. Is there some strategy that i am not knowing of or do i just gotta get hood at dodging him? Maybe one of you could help me.


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I do PS4. You will get him when you do the roll dodging. His backhands are tough. Third phase just bait him and punish and repeat. Of course, this is easier said then done.

I recommend co op until you get comfortable.


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Learning his attacks and rolling was the only way I could defeat him. Also, he had all of his four healing spots because I was being stupid when clearing the tower. So there was only a very narrow "lane" to fight him. I eventually won after roughly 139 deaths.