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need help with dancer xbox; j0se8

I can help you. Make sure your password is moon with a capital ¨M¨ my gamertag is goldthunder88 exactly. She is really hard.
Can someone trade me the morion Blade I play Xbox one Gt: RackedUpMartini
Looking for sunset armor from the Questline. I have a lot of souls that I can give you over 300. Big ones too. And most weapons fully upgraded.
When he puts his abyss in your catacombs
I don´t feel like if we say something bad about a mod we should be banned. If we say obscene things to or about them yea, but saying, I hate Manatubear should not result in a ban. Just don´t become totalitarian.
Need vertebra shackle
Anyone up for helping
Gamertag julian598
Thanks in advance
need to
will add you this evening
need help with dancer xbox one password yolo
Hi guys/gals on xbox one, add me:-


Im soul level 132 and 20"
Looking to trade for preachers arm. Name your price. Xbox one
I need help on the soul of cinder X box one : "oranges tag14" will PayPal you £1 if we beat him.