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Personally I like this covenant, but the idea behind it kinda doesn't make sense? Why would the Ashen One want to be faithful to Aldrich, one of the Lord of Cinders that the Ashen One eventually kills anyway? It doesn't really make sense...
You stumble upon the covenant before you kill Aldrich. Doesn't really make sense that you'd kill the object of your worship after joining the covenant though. I choose to believe that the ashen one becoming an Aldrich Faithful isn't canon, it is just a game mechanic for 3v3 pvp. The covenant exists to match the lore, there are 'Aldrich Faithful' all over the undead settlement, road of sacrifices and the cathedral of the deep. As well as in Oceiros's garden for some reason... don't know if they just reused an asset or the knights are canonically in LOTHRIC CASTLE for some reason, if it's canon then there might be lore implications...
You could also say that the Gravelord Servant covenant in DS1 makes no sense since defeating Nito is required to beat the game.
IMPORTANT! If you upgrade your weapon to the fullest (+10/+5) what is possible pretty early (titan slab from Ariandel/Siegward) you will land in late game gank squadsand will only become an easy prey while these loosers are two shooting you. To farm TRUE CHURCH INVADERS as intended stay around ~sl 50 and look up the weapon upgrade requirements and high damage builds. Give them a good spank. FOR ALDRICH!
Funny thing. You can end up having a full on war by using dried fingers as you can summon 3 phantoms and more invaders come by
You don't lose your souls if you die while being summoned as an Aldrich Faithful.
The amount of ganking is strong with this one. It'd be nice to have a fair battle every now and then.
Never had a problem with AFs ganking me, but holy ***** do I see alot of gank squads while invading as an AF. I've even seen phantoms and invaders working together just to gank AFs.
Because AFs are known to be *****ing*****ty gankers who just sits behind the Silver Knights. Covenant would be better off deleted, makes 0 sense lore-wise either.
\/ \/ \/ This. Almost every experience I've had being invaded by AF was total BS. Two of them would hide behind the Silver knights and taunt instead of facing me in a safe area. 1. You're invading me, not the other way around, and shouldn't be pussginas. 2. Way of Blue does NOT come to the aid of those invaded by AF and so unless you summon a buddy, it's quite commonly 2 on 1 favoring AF, and still they puss out. 3. I never understand their post gank celebratory gestures and comments. I had one of them actually say "BRAVO!" mockingly... Um, you hid behind area enemies, AND had 2 on 1... Grow a pair and 1 vs 1 me till I'm dead or GTFO. I mean, otherwise what are you celebrating? Dishonorable mobbing someone just going about their business? Your resorting to cowardly tactics due to lack of skill? or what? lol
You know what's screwy, as of this date or such I've noticed that no matter what you do if you are AF like me you are targeted by reds and purps. As of this day any other invader type needs to be killed before you get to the host. That is what has become of this game so steel yourselves and prepare for ganking from not one side but two!
If you join this covenant you are human cancer. That is all.
Git gud
when you don't really agree with the covenant, but you're a perfectionist and gotta have every spell and weapon...
From a purely lore standpoint, I hate that this is the only covenant in the game that awards sorcerers. It's disgraceful and ugly. Meanwhile miracles can be obtained through noble, knightly covenants. Idk, maybe it's a remnant of Demon's Souls where the Magic vs. Miracles rivalry was a thing with Saint Urbain and Sage Freke, but I feel like it's unfair.