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To everyone who thinks they can't beat him: learn his attacks and take your time and don't use the auto camera in the first phase, it's annoying and not helpful at all.

And of course Git Gud ;)
Or just equip the best crossbow you can carry with a full stack of explosive bolts and heavy bolts. Walk backwards while turning him into a pincushion, only being forced to avoid the shockwave wind attacks and his flying lunges.
"hardest boss fight in DS" my ***. Terrible hitboxes + annoying cammera = hardest boss fight yeah sure
If you hear a boss is hard, it's probably *****ing hard!
As a UGS wielder this is the worst boss to go toe to toe with. His confusing delays between attacks makes me hesitate to try to hit back because of my own slow attack. And his very wide arcs can punish rolls on the wrong side. Switched to Demon Fists and everything was alot easier! Still died a few times but I got a bit gudder. And if still having problems, try summoning a Sunbro during the weekend. At SL 90, I wasn't seeing any summon signs on a weekday. But starting from a friday, I'm constantly seeing 3x ember icons beside all the Archdragon Peak bonfires.
Nameless king has some windows in his defence where you can attack him safely with great weapons. For example after a heavy "R2 attack" with his sword spear. You just have to observe him more carefully and if not sure what he does next second it is better to wait. Train yourself to look out for these windows and then attack. Patience is the magic word.


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demo'd this bloke with morne's great hammer +5 with base strength and faith to use it proper. probably the best weapon in the game for unskilled gamers such as myself hahhhh
Only if you're willing to kill Morne tho. This will surely bring tears to our waifu so I guess I'll only get it before advancing to the next game cycle.
The 1st phase is more a boss fight against the camera
You can manage the camera yourself without the lock. Then you won't have to fight the horrible camera angles it gives you.
Not all bosses should be locked on at all times. That should have been ingrained into you by the point you get to this boss.
No, you can't. The camera is always utter crap regardless of what you do.
You shouldn't have to deal with this kind of nonsense. All they had to do was zoom out a bit.
Problem freaking solved. Game design 101.
Idk, I was embered from helping a guy kill Wolnir so when I came across a summon sign when going in I thought, "why not?" I was around SL80 and this guy had the lightning spear attack which in the first phase killed him very fast and on the second phase, idk what weapon that guy had but we got him quite fast and easily. It was only my second try, but that guy was just op for this boss. I thank him.
It is solaire from the past to help you
Does anyone know why we even fight this boss? I know we have the option to come to archdragon peak to become a dragon but why is there even an option to fight this boss? Is there anything in the lore that explains this?
he tries to slay you because you become dragon, nameless king is a dragonslayer gwyn's son... gwyn started war with the power of the lords vs the ancients dragons

Nameless king trying to kill you either to stop you becoming dragon or because you are a dragon
It can't be to stop you from becoming a dragon, because he likes dragons. Maybe he's avenging the Ancient Wyvern, or he's just answering the player's challenge from the bell. He was a god of war, after all, so it seems possible that he'd understand the player is just after a fight.
You will recognize his move-set after few attempts, it's easy to read his move set, i'm using FUGS and bet him easily, his move-set are predictable compare with dancer (for me), anyway GLHF
He ain't even hard got him 1st try too easy u should give up the DS games if he beats you
Agreed. The people that disliked are triggered scrubs.
Pictures or it didn't happen.
The hard part is that depth perception problem with all the smoke. The wyvern isnt that strong its the way the stadium is that makes it seem like your in front of him just to hit air.
beat him sl 1 unupgraded parrying dagger no armor first try never even touched Dark Souls before my friend was playing it and left him in front of the boss room
Is it possible to kill the nameless king before killing the king of the storm?
No. When the Stormdrake dies, the boss gets a fresh health bar