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A weapon that can kill on three hits and stagger you on the first
Working as inteded! xD


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I have found that you can tank that combo with iron flesh and really surprise them as you wail on them. They WILL die. Yes, you have to surprise them, but you only have to get the drop on them once. It WILL kill them every time if you have the right set up....
every attack will stagger you unless you're swinging and your HA isn't broken


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I mean if you make a game where rolling in pvp is easy af you might need 3 hit true combos. If they should deal 90% damage to a full health bar is another question...
Shouldn't this page mention somewhere that it's a dlc weapon?
Nah, this is Fextralife. You don't need ALL the information... just most of it.
it does right here...
Everybody cries to how op this weapon is man but its a good weapon of course but its not op its not a best halberd anyway i think bkg is better than this yes maybe this coast more damage but its lighter it has more valuable moveset and better wa with better poise . İf we go to How to counter them : İf you have a slow weapon use your hyper armor you can just wreck people, if you have a fast weapon like katana , ss vs just parry bait and parry you can parry the first r1 on reaction , if you have a spear or haberd vs just space that right and you will be okey.
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You fail to understand that this thing with 66str (heavy infusion) and a strong buff can oneshot people in one true combo. Sure in DS you get punished for bad positioning or missing a roll but using a weapon that can oneshot people after you land a single r1 needs very little decision making since the fight is over when you land your r1 and complete said combo.
The arguments that you can counter it don't justify that because you would be able to counter a straight sword with 5000 AR too. Yet it is super easy to use compared to other weapons because there is way less decisionmaking involved as in weapons that need to land multiple hits to kill the target that do not true combo into each other every time.
Yeah, but i can't agree with you, yes you can parry it, but if you miss your parry (and sadly its a eventuallity), you're dead (of course it's not the only weapon doing that), you can easily kill a Splitleaf user with the dagger ability quickstep, but in order to kill your opponent, he must do approximately 10 mistakes. However if you do one, well same old same old, you are oneshot....
I guess that's the main problem with this weapon, you don't need a lot of skill to use it, while your opponent needs a lot. Just like playing a pistol against a bazooka....
Weapon art CAN deflect incoming arrow at least in PVP. LOL
Oh look! It's a cancer! Jokes aside, i had someone down to like a third of their hp without take ANY damage and they true combo'd me to a tenth of my hp and then finished me by spamming the running attack, please note that i wasn't panic rolling and that they just eventually genuinely managed to hit me... "avoid the true combo scrub!", easier said than done. I'm not saying the weapon isn't manageable, because it is, but it certainly isn't hard to use and that ridiculous true combo can completely turn the tide even against an experienced player. @the guy saying this weapon isn't OP while trying to use another meta (black knight glaive) to compare it to: Actually, enough said. You're comparing it to another OP weapon saying that it isn't OP because you think they other OP weapon is better. Both have true combos too. Ahahaha.
Your point? Dex weapons have had true combos since the game has been released. Ever got hit by Sellsword Memeblades that were buffed? Turns the tide as well.
No, that was my point, it is a valid enough issue to discuss on its own. I dont believe dex has anything to do with true combo weapons so much as that there are just some individual weapons that are op.
Everyone whining about true flash! There's no poise, only hyper armor so of course a weapon like this is going to be used a lot. Has hyper armor and a combo, this is more of a mechanical problem than a weapon problem it seems.
You dont understand how poise works in this game, go find out and then come back to comment. You look stupid right now.
"You dont understand how poise works in this game, go find out and then come back to comment. You look stupid right now."
No. YOU look stupid right now. There's no poise, there's only hyper armor. Hyper armor has existed since Demons Souls as a segregated mechanic from poise. Hyper armor gave you a poise effect whilst swinging your weapon. Poise gave you the effect regardless and it wasn't encompassed by your weapon.

Your argument is hyper armor = poise. When this isn't the case, they've been two separate mechanical instances since DS1. "Poise" is hyper armor in this game? No, hyper armor is hyper armor. Poise is poise. I could care less about the name you try and give it in this game. There is NO poise. So hop off my*****and stop trying to get the high ground. I know what I speak of.
There isn't any poise, you're right. Just look at most of the PvE enemies. They get gigantic poise when not even swinging their weapon.
Yet poise is when you swing your weapon and aren't stunned? No.
From just got lazy. There's a hidden effect you can turn on in the games files that activates poise. It's literally turned off.
Lol. 8 Jul and 13 Jul have no clue what they're talking about. Please go learn about poise. DS3 has the most balanced version of it. From made it work best for pvp.
The spin-slash consumes no FP tho...unless you bring up the final leaf attack. Very nice!
Anyone willing to trade ill drop valorheart, rose of andriel and crystal chime for it ?
If you are still looking for the weapon add me on steam ℒℛ- Waldi侍
5/s Passive regen, lingering dragoncrest ring +2, pontiff's right and power within with this = God Mode Activate
Shut it, dipstick