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If there's other sources for this I'd be interested!
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Peru invasion imminent...
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I suppose I qualify as an experienced amateur cryptozoologist, so I might as well weigh in on this. I've seen enough of this stuff to know how it all goes, at any rate.

Unfortunately, this shows every sign of being a hoax. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean it is a hoax, but the very things that are missing also happens to be the information needed to verify the objects one way or another. To wit:

  • Many claims have been made about where the objects were found and what condition they were in, but no actual location was given and the claims cannot be investigated or verified. Until its "finders" reveal where they found it, whether or not they found it at all remains in question.
  • While much is being said about the many tests that have been done on these objects, more than half of these tests can't be shown to have actually happened and the conclusions from any real tests conveniently confirm nothing of use about the objects. Most suspicious of all, no actual DNA test appears to have taken place, they've merely claimed one has and that "no human DNA was found".
  • The X-ray of the hand itself looks to be a mash-up of bones from many unrelated creatures. This is a rare but frequently successful hoaxing tactic, and if done skillfully can be impossible to unmask since the DNA of any parts used may be too degraded to distinguish from each other (outside not being able to find a match with any one species, since there are too many conflicting details). I'd bet real money that if each and every individual bone were tested for DNA, they'd find solid matches, just not from any one creature.
  • Despite the lack of any usable information for these objects, they are being reported on far more than they should be and being used in support of an agenda - strong indicators that something fishy is going on behind the scenes
  • Just about everyone involved in testing these objects has a long history of bias and making unproven claims off little-to-no information, so even the results of tests that actually took place are suspect.
  • If you take out any mention of aliens or claims that simply cannot be proven, what you're left with is "two guys brought in a funny-looking hand, but we can't tell if it's real". That is literally the sum total of verified info for this case.

All in all? I think it's a well-executed fake. This looks exactly like a hoax made by experienced forgers, in order to garner publicity for their agenda. It looks like they've played it by the book, in fact, and took every step that would normally work to slip a fake past the experts and into mainstream knowledge. Problem is, these tricks being successful in the past means they're known, and trying them these days sets off red flags.