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Zeta Prime wrote:Pure Artorias takes the win..
Abyss Artorias is way hotter.

Obviously the addition of a sane mind and great shield out play the brute strength tactics the Abyss Artorias would use. Plus Artorias before Abyss was before the patch so he could easily 2h greatsword stunlock Abyss Artorias to death. gd ez pk np.
Yeah, but then we put it on a P.C. .......


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Game mechanics of the swords and attack power are not what they would be lore wise, Artorias would be able to do at least 30 - 40 times the damage he does in a real Lore based fight in both pure and Corrupt forms, Just because in game the cleansing greatshield blocks only 80% blah blah doesnt matter, Lore wise before Artorias became corrupt they were overrun by abyssal creatures and In a last attempt to protect his best friend and Companion Sif he put up the protective barrier to protect him, The fallen Artorias then became corrupt by the power of the abyss, Increasing his strength through the mounds of humanity that lives within the abyss, Now the lore doesn't state that Artorias ever lost his wolf ring. Though it does state that Before the overrunning and defeat, Artorias had lost his Silver Pendant which was created to fight off the powers of the abyss. Though Injured, The corrupt Artorias had always proved to be a terrible enemy for any being to face and after some time of terrorizing the town of Oolacile, Finally he had been Finished off by the Chosen Undead after emerging from the abyss. 

In light of information given I would say that though Artorias may have had his shield it still managed to somehow become broken by the abyssal creatures, which means Artorias would sooner or later lose himself to the abyss and become corrupt either way. In my mind the advanced power of Abyssal Artorias would make him a terrible opponent towards Pure Artorias due to the Abyssal Artorias would know exactly what Pure Artorias' abilities are seeing as he was once that. He would work around the armor, Shield, and Pendant to beat the pure Artorias in one way or the next, Be it over powering himself in Darkness by draining the humanity of the abyss to give himself more strength and possibly heal himself of damages or otherwise, Though this is Entirely my opinion and I am open to anything anyone wishes to say about it.

As long as it doesn't start an argument 




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I think your overestimating Abyss Artorias' will to reason and to understand what he fights. he becomes a being of brute force.. unlikely able to form coherent strategy which would most likely be his downfall... that and the lack of strength/utility given by Artorias' still functional shield arm.
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You could raise that statement, Indeed and I won't Argue that with you. It is Entirely true. Though through lore it does not state how far the corruption of Abyssal Artorias had spread when the Chosen Undead appeared to kill him to retain his honor. If you look at it in this way like I do he may still have that ability to plan and fight in a pattern in which he could fight, though later throughout the fight he may end up losing said ability and Become this beast fueled by the rage of the abyss and attack without planning or any such act and just put the killing intent behind his power and nothing more. there is also a slight problem with mobility, Granted the Greatshield Pure Artorias may have it will definately effect his movement unlike the Unshielded Abyssal Artorias who has better movement with his semi-shattered gear and Granted the broken arm which he may or may not use to cast abyssal magic

Either way the fight would rage on for a good long while and in truth any manner of side could win with the power they posses

Though I do however love lore arguments, Weather im wrong on what I say or not I enjoy being proved wrong for it gives me a learning opportunity, Am I wrong?


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Hue wrote:
Wilkinson3424 wrote:4. He is left-handed, and is using his shield in his right hand.
Please, not again with left/right handed bull ****
It's confusing, and there's no proof for it. It's not even implied.

Pure artorias because he can think, and is specialized in killing creatures of the abyss, and i'm pretty sure he could preict what another copy of himself can or cannot do.

I agree there's no **** evidence of him being left handed and the Majestic Greatsword says THOSE WHO INHERITED IT, NOT THE ORIGINAL OWNER