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does any1 have a valorheart to spare that you don't really use? I will trade for 2 souls of a champion. My PSN is BeastHunter20915 if you are willing to do so.
Dude its not that hard to get. Go into NG+, Cathedral of the Deep, move to Ariandel, destroy the bridge, fight Gravetender, Win. This is a process on about 2-3 hours, nothing more. Also 100.000 Souls for a Boss Weapon that you can only get 1x per playthrough is a pretty***** trade.
I'm on ng+7 on a SL 139 Character. This fight is literal hell for me
Not a***** trade if "its not that hard to get."
I can. Add me on PSN: tvojamama1

And write under who you are alright
You all have to remember what maybe a 'walk through the park' to you might not be for the other players out there.
This weapon seems (I have never used it for PVP) like a weapon with nigh unlimited potential. You can win slugfests, you can answer parry spammers with those ungodly jumps, you beat out turtlers with the guardbreak art and you have a lot of variation in what you can throw at your opponent. Could someone who has used it tell me the most evident drawback or at least a build that f*cks it?
Need to time your attacks well. You r1 into a great weapon that is also r1'ing it'll hit your shield and guard break you instantly. Need to play very smart with this weapon
Not only that, but the only thing that really makes up for it's short range is with either it's weapon art or jumping r2.
most ultra class weps will guardbreak you in a slugfest, especially if they have high poise or fling a stompR2/RT
many dual weapons can simply combo you out of a combo by guardbreak...

this is a very VERY tactical weapon...
You just gotta git gud instead of trying to find niche strategies. I know it makes me sound like a douchelord, but I'm actually serious. Dark Souls is all based around precise dodging and timed attacks. Once you've fully mastered the combat, there's no longer a such thing as "meta". I've beaten guys with the RKPUGS using only the base dagger and quickstep. Maybe they sucked, maybe I was good, but the point is that winning is all in how you play and not in your equipment or stats.
I just found out that you can guardbreak this weapon by rolling into the shield bash weapon art. The guy was spamming attacks so he was low on stamina, but when it hit me mid roll, it bounced off.
You were probably wearing the Armor/Gauntlet/Legging/Helmet of Thorns.
People using this weapon make me giggle... Sofar i have not lost to it and it seems like this weapon does not hit very hard. Does it rely on criticals to be effective?
No, it really relies on its blocking-while-attacking gimmick to trade and win.

So for example, while you wouldn't be able to tank, say, a greatsword with a straight sword, if you attack at the same time as the other player, the chances are you'll block his attack WHILE you're attacking, allowing you to trade and hit TWO R1's.

That's kinda the whole point.
Yeah it's basically a weaker more risky less reliable version of Hyperarmor. You can get guardbroken, and you can get hit before the block of your R1 starts and get interrupted. It'd be nice if it were to have some more stability, or at least 100% P.dmg absorption.



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It also works well against katana R1 runners, the blocking-while-attacking gimmick can always no-sell katana running R1 as if Valorheart is specifically tailored to do so.
Don't underestimate the thrust range on this weapon. It's reach and phantom range is far greater than the actual weapon model suggests.
I know. Been stabbed by this thing on the other end of the map from where my opponent was standing. Never underestimated it since.


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This weapon is nothing more than a jumping attack and R1 spam weapon. Used it for a couple of fights, used nothing else than R1 and jumping attacks, won easily. No skill weapon. GG.



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More like you just got killed by someone using it and your elitist-subreddit-sheep-meta bs build didn't work and you're salty as f?


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There's this amazing technique known as skill, have you heard of it? Didn't think so...
I like the gun that uses garbage for ammo.
I agree with the OP, the weapon takes no skill to use in the same way that the entirety of the straight sword class takes no skill to use, its literally just a matter of spacing and punishing only this one has an added poise jump attack. "skill" to people using this weapon is just being super aggressive. Is this manageable? Yes. Most people who know what they're doing will know how to handle your counter measures though. Its cheap to me that the shield bash gives you free hits if it lands, whats to stop you from spamming the shield bash every time your opponent gets close to you? I also find it cheap that the jump attack has poise and reaches as far as it does, the only real counter measure to it is to out poise it and i don't think it makes sense that people should have to change their weapon to fight one specific weapon... Every fight against this weapon is just r1 spamming when you get close, jumping attack when you go to create distance and shield bashing for free hits occassionally. Should be easy parry fodder though. Unleass, as i stated earlier, you're up against someone prepared for all your counter measures.
Agreed with op. Always winning trades is *****ing cancer. It makes the game a *****ing stalemate.
>implying ds3 weapons take skill to use like ds2
Not entirely sure, but I think this is the only weapon(s) in the game that can deal three types of physical damage. Kind of an interesting niche, even if it isn't that applicable considering the moveset.
this weapon is really *****ing swell
If someone have more than one of it can you give it to me in psn
I don't care for meta or professional/expert play... I play Dark Souls for the fun of it, and I rarely pvp because people are too concerned about the meta, I like when I get invaded by someone that gets that it doesn't matter what gear ya got just do you... Valorheart is a weapon I find that represents a lot of the fun in Dark Souls
My main weapon is the Four-Pronged Plow and even for PvP i still use that (and win sometimes too!), i just love the looks of it and how funny the weapon art is.
We need more fun builds and less Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords spam(and less strength weapons in general? People seem to really love greatswords with infinite poise that can two shot you or combo you to death the first mistake you make).