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ERROR: upgrade with titanite scale!!!!
This sword is LITERALLY broken lol
that's why it's a worse version of the executioners sword lol
So much salt, you people do nothing but cry and complian it's pathetic, this weapon is easy to beat, hints you can parry it's WA on reaction. Stop crying like little babies and git gud.
Being able to parry the WA on reaction doesn't matter when it true combos from an R1.
i can hear the l1 mashing from here
Finally someone who understands
pls kys
Use an UGS with stomp and R2 to counter combo spammers
Lol good luck landing that on a Greatsword user. Way too slow.
reminds me of the hype from friedes scythe. GG is so overused now that people only land hits on me with the wa when not fighting me alone. I think the real gems of the DLC are the ringed knight weapons/shields. We will probably see alot more of these when the community cooled down a bit.
the executioner's sword (a really bad GS) is beastly when its broken? unlock this weapon early by getting the executioner's GS and beating it against the wall until its broken... but from a lore stand point breaking it must have killed it because it used to have "memory" and gain FP with each kill right?
Not that there's any guarantee you'll read this, but executioner's GS is good. It does strike damage, which is great, and FP absorption was buffed to be usable.
Wait, how is executioner's a bad GS? Does solid damage, has a good moveset, does strike damage, and has innate FP regen on kills. It's simply a great all-round weapon, if not the best at any one thing. It even has a 'hidden' bonus against skeletons, where it makes them blow apart with one hit. Not a single thing about it is bad, aside from its weight.
A great, balanced weapon. The only thing that makes it special is the WA which should be used sparingly (Which people don't, they straight up spam it then get killed). Using the WA while trading with any other weapon equal or greater to a Greatsword, especially combined with Leo is straight up suicide. Compared to Ringed Knight Weapons it can't combo with super hyper armor, but it can do great mix ups. You can't two or three hit anyone with this at 40/40 at SL 120, the only way this is possible is if you 2x R1 then 2x L1 and your opponent doesn't get away during the first two hit combo. The number of users has decreased, at least on PC. I still prefer MLGS as my GS of choice.
I think these newer weapons don't really play too well with Dark Soul's combat system. I have no idea why they chose to start making all these new weapons with "combos."

But, like you said, there's nothing that really stands out (damage, reach, speed, hyper-armor, or low-reqs.) that make this a good weapon. It simply relies on being able to land the combo after having chipped away good amount of the opponent's life.
it can R1->L2+R1 that was around 1k dmg pre-patch, from a single r1, how was that a great balanced weapon, thank ***** it got fixed
im kinda amazed that theres no refrence to gales great sword actually being a really worn out executioners great sword.

in the first DLC he uses that sword and if you pull them out at the same time you can see they are the same size and design.

yet some how there is a tid bit about it looking like the broken sword... like wut.

some one with mod power add this in. gales greatsword is his aged version of the executioners great sword
It actually says in the very description of the weapon it was originally a executioners (great) sword and it broke from over use in battle...
What are you talking about? It is stated in the weapon's description.
The WA,it really reminds me of a unpridictable (sorry if spelled wrong) Hard badass boss from the beloved Dark Souls 1
You're definitely thinking of Pinwheel.
Now people are going to cry about the weapon art already had hatemail today I love drinking try hard tears
Edgy dude
People should start complainint about the Farron GS and Ringed Knight Paired GS first before the start *****ing about this.