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Looks like the king has been dethroned for being the hardest boss. You thought the king hit hard try getting hit from the new king Darkeater midir (2 shots most people)
IKR and the phantom dies easily too, thank god i know its weakness now (cant use it with current build tho)
In theory yes, but thanks to the buggy FROM AI Nameless King can do a endless onslaught combo and will simply wipe the floor with you. Jumping around like a madman. Thank god it happens extreme rarely, but when it happens help god...
**** Midir
Midir is only "hard" because of his artificial difficulty. That isn't considered challenging.

So no, Midir is not the hardest boss. Completely easy moveset to read and the only reason you would struggle is because of his Vendrick-tier health and defense and damage output. Which is cheap and lazy.
Can you parry the Namless King?
No. He can be staggered for a crit, but you cannot parry him
Avelyn +10

Nameless King ? More like "Nameless Joke"


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Great souls dregs deal more damage to NK than CSS.
Is the Storm Drake weak to dark now? I was obliterating him with my Dark Longsword at 40/40 int fth. It would support the Oresntine became the Storm Drake theory bc the gods were weak to dark
Look at his face, its mummified like a hollows!

He also gives out weird raspy cat hisses whenever he's about to attack. Not an easy boss fight unless you're a dark sorcerer who can dance around like a fairy princess. Combat wise, I went in with the dragon slayers spear and dragon slayers great shield. I didn't face him off directly, just waited for him to do his jump attack then poke him a few times. Kept the shield up for good measure. Also, I tossed darts at him when he was at a distance and even firebombs. Took many death to figure it out.
Sunlight Spear for the wyvern ⟹ Crystal Soul Spear for the King ⟹ souls for the Sunbro

This boss is piss easy if you stack intelligence and faith, and use all relevent damage increasing items. The wyvern is so weak to lightning you can hit well over 3000 damage with Sunlight Spears, and even Great Lightning Spears hurt it a lot. You can smack the King around for 1000+ damage with Crystal Soul Spears, and his attacks are dodged pretty easily when you're already standing back.
Anybody think maybe he's Solaire? Think about it, Solaire failed to link the fire and subsequently he should come back as an ashen one, and yet we never meet up with him. He was the prime suspect of being Gwyn's firstborn and I don't think this is reason enough to change that. My personal theory is that he came back, somehow regained his memories by visiting archdragon peak and recovered his identity as the nameless king.
solair is his loyal knight and ornstein is the dragonslayer, from sacred oath


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Then how the hell did he get so big?! and all the god like lightning sunlight stuff?! AND WHY DOES HE HAVE A DRAGON?!
The common theory, that he is Gwyn's firstborn, is more likely
Solaire is a human, born of the Dark Soul and hails from Astora. Nameless King is literally Gwyns firstborn. Gwyn feared humans and the dark itself. Put two and two together...why on Earth would Solaire have any connection with Gwyn outside of being loyal to his sons covenant? You guys and your idiotic theories, lol.
Here's what's wrong with this boss and with everyone who praise him to be the best

-Waiting times: there's nothing hard in waiting, nothing. Waiting for him to do one of the stupid attacks instead of his op ones is just cheesing. There's never a challenge in waiting and I don't know how nobody can't get it.
-Patterns: kinda like Sulyvahn, there's no way you can base your dodges on your reflexes because of the dumb castledelays (delays in commands like in the 1st castlevania from the NES). This is not really their fault, but it's about the game itself.
-1st phase: Well... It's not a phase, mom! Kinda like the majority of phases before the final, the 1st is just a sandbag- waste of time (but it's really appealing, I guess, except for the dragon that looks like a peacock)

Not much for the people, except that they're just being hipsters with this new term "artificial difficulty"
People that prefer the Nameless King's fight instead of Midir or Gael are the same that says "giving a lot of HP/ATT won't them ACTUALLY hard" wich translates in: lemme show off and tell everyone how tough I am compared to you, casul, after I died countless times in deep frustration and learned their patterns to perfection before actually killing them.

It's just a phrase that baffles me. They're basically saying that levelling is not important (because stats) and NG+ is useless (because stats, again). Mhm... What about the jokes of SL 80 1st game, 100 2nd, 120 blaze it meta ng++?

Same goes for trading hits wich goes on armor and most of all poise, wich again, poise is something that hipsters will shove to your face if you dare to make the most little meme (joke. Everything is a meme when*****talking about poise), but if this is the excuse to trash Midir and Gael fights, instead of this waiting simulator, then that whole phrase is just pointless.

"But deeeh, once you learn the patterns they're so easy", yes, you sadly just described the whole game
Gael is the same way as Nameless king fight really in the whole waiting for him to do one of his stupid moves to punish him. Get a shield with 100 physical defense, and a decent stability stat, and suddenly Gael is trivial. ALL of his attacks, with the exception of the disc miracle, are physical based damage, and the disc is easy to dodge. All you have to do then is block and wait for him to do a move that leaves him open for a quick slap, and it again becomes a waiting game. Midir is laughable too once you figure out that one spell, just one spell you can get before you even fight the abyss watchers, basically **** him. Pestilent mercury.
There's too many hipsters that believe DS is the same as Bloodborne. They why do we even have those shields or crossbows and we have Str to use them... and we don't use them at all and then we try to play katana sensei on Str build with UGS. That's a lul
What the ***** are you babbling about??
Honestly I got about 30% of the way through this post before it gave me autism and a hernia. Rip.
Killed him on my first attempt with my new character build. Just use heavy crossbow and lothric knight shield and he becomes trivial.