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I was on NG+5 and it was my first time coming across this thing. I was missing out....this thing is PURE GOLD. It's my main sword now for both PvP and PvE.
i think people should update these cause if i recall correctly with sharp it now gets an s scaling in dex
This weapon looks very interesting for my pyromancer int/faith quality character. Can someone confirm from software already reverted the unintended chaos nerf to CBCC? Hate to (temporarily) waste my atm only chaos gem.
you want a chaos Greatsword with fire clutch
Greatsword is stronger but weighs 12.0 more units and it's WA, while devastating, is predictable and easily to avoid. Charge can rollcatch and other stuff, just don't walk into a parry.

The notes recommend chaos, but I don't. Dark supposedly deals more damage to living enemies (like other players). Also, fire resistance scales with strength, but dark doesn't, so against any build with str, you'll deal more damage going Dark. It also synergizes better with a dark sorcery build (use the dark clutch ring and the izalith staff)


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due to the buffs to the infusions, the zweihander is stronger than the Astora on casters due to higher base. Also needs less requirements(19/11) instead of (16/18)
S scaling dex with sharp
it seems that the wiki hasn't updated all the new weapon balances. Kinda makes making new builds a pain
s scaling at +5
Why back stab an unknowing host when you can get more damage by power thrusting them XD gotta love it
A +10 Sharp Astora with a 40/40 dex and int build (buffed with CMW - Crystal Magic Weapon) is a good choice?
Seems like an awesome build. Dex doesn't softcap till 90 or something insane like that for Astora. For my pyro I use my 52 dex 20 strength + carthus flame arc + fire clutch ring which gives me around 789 split ar, with around 559 physical ar. If I where u I would get up to 55 dex and slap a magic clutch ring for CMW to stay within meta.
Sounds great, I'll do It! But, shall I keep the 40 stats from Int or Just 30 for the buff?
I would keep 40 in intelligence because CMW scales with the extra 10 points, adding to your ar significantly
If you infuse it with a crystal gem,can u still buff ut with Crystal magic wepon
didnt they make it so it gets S with dex for sharp???
The weapon now has S scaling with a sharp infusion. It's scaling is so high that it still gains two points of damage from each level after reaching the 40 dex softcap.
Most Sharp weapons do anyway and even if they don't there's a reverse softcap after 60 that goes all the way until 85.
Dex is not casul anymore. This is a great successor to the bass cannon.