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Can someone explain why the Dark Sword is so hated?
I've never really understood the reason.



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The hit box is broken and is near enough the same size as a great hammer also people use it all the time to stunlock
Nooo!! You guys have the scaling backwards. The dark sword receives a S scaling at +10 when is infused with a blessed gem, and it stays at an A scaling all the way though +10 on the lightning infusion for faith
can confirm that a lightning infused dark sword+10 has A in faith scaling, not S
Anyone have the AR stats for +10 lightning and/or blessed with 40 str 40 dex and 60 faith


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This comment section in a nutshell is 50% of people calling out as a sin against mankind. The other 50% arguing how it's not a sin against mankind.
*****ing Clerics! Am I right, Patches?
How this weapon gets an s scalling in faith when lightning infused, but only B when dark infused is beyond my comprehension. I mean, it has dark in the name, how and/or why?
Because it also scales with Int.
I have 40 str,dex,int,faith
Full upgrade refined dark sword no ring buffs when one handing after using carthus flame arc you hit 600 a swing r1 pve. carthus in this set up is the strongest weapon buff out of all except dark moon blade I still need to get to test it, I haven't used any spell buffs sacred oath deep protection sss art etc.. yet or resins I will be doing all this soon and update the results if any one is a fan of this speed beast. Going for the ultimate r1 spam cannon
update Non of the resin or bundles increase its attack any more than the carthus flame arc further more the sss art nullifies the flame arc so instead use sacred oath to stack it increasing attack to 684 per r1 with fire clutch ring as the only attack boosting ring no dark moon blade yet and the talisman used was a non upgraded sunless talisman.will update when more viable attack increases can be made not including Flynns ring as haveing full hp isn't going to happen long in pvp.
Flynn ring fire clutch power within carthus flame 744 a hit one handed fun stuff but be prepared to just get parried than one shot by every try hard
So If you parry someone who only uses the R1 attack of this weapon, you're a tryhard? Huh. Interesting.
Consider suicide.
I loved getting this sword in the Dark Wraith character covenant as a rank 2 reward, but it was only really useful for its staggering capability (in PVP it was sub-par at best). However in this game, it's easily attainable, hits like a train with a refined infusion at higher levels and is viable for both PVE and PVP depending on your preferred play style. Let it be known, people with literally hate you for using this sword. Although it's been nerded, for some odd reason people still consider it meta and will try to call you out for lack of skill or originality. Ignore it.
If you want to use this weapon- by all means use it... just learn some combos instead of R1 spam (looking at you new players). It can be a very fun weapon to use, and to anybody who was a Dark Wraith in DS1- it's nostalgic.

Remember to those commenting here: too much salt is bad for your health :)
My typos are horrid, my apologies. This page does not work well with my mobiles autocorrect
OP again:


People will* literally hate you

*nerfed not nerded
Even if I dont agree with most metas, I agree. Use what you want, its your playstyle, just also dont be an elitist about it. Oh and, remember people will hate you for it.
Now only if we could get the original Darkwraith Set. All we get is Treewraith.
The R2's are*****
Pretty sure there's no darkwraiths at the tower bonfire, unless it happens at a certain point in the game.
they probably mean the one you get the red eye orb from


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The one that Leonhard gets you to kill can drop anything a normal Darkwraith can, including the sword.