Co-op and Trade Requests (Please include system and SM) - International trade welcome!


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I'm doing a dex build and I wanted a katana for it. If someone would be so kind, I have available for trade:
Demon hammer
Old Leo Ring
Boss Souls of:
The Last Giant
The Pursuer
The Dragonrider
The Old Dragonslayer
Coming Soon: Flexile Sentry, Ruin Sentinels, Lost Sinner, Belfry Gargoyles, and Skeleton Lords souls.
(sorry, you'll have to transpose them yourself)
I also have some rare armor pieces:
Ironclad leggings
Armor of Auorus(complete set)
Old Knight greatsword, shield, I believe helmet

Xbox 360 gamertag is NearbyApple
I'll be available soonest at 2:30 est on monday, thursday, and weekends. other days at 9-10pm est.
Why, yes, I do prefer the Elite Knight set, you got a problem with that? f i t e m e