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EldritchImagination wrote:I don't think metacritic is a bad thing. It's just used poorly because humans are spiteful, biased, and petty. "oh, your game is thought to be as good or better than my favorite game. 0/10! how dare this game exist and be loved! EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE MY GAME WHICH IS CENTRAL TO MY IDENTITY AS A HUMAN BEING! (not an exaggeration of what some people actually think)

And as said, review scores are given and treated in a massively inaccurate way for a lot of people. I think they should be seen as a summarized estimation of the reviewers overall thoughts on the game given numerical value to give a standard for evaluation and comparison against other reviews. Instead, many people see them as a reviewers "objective" evaluation of the worth of a game. Add on to the fact that many people are adopting a mentality in which one's favored media, brands, and icons are are treated as personally as one's appearance, beliefs, and passions, and you have the perfect environment for fanboyism and toxic, anti-civil behavior, where any personal opinions on things that are different than someone else's are as bad calling that person's mother a !&#$*@!^#$ %$$.

As for what I think about the actual scoring:

1: Awful game. Has no redeeming value. Everything is either bland, bad, or broken.

2: Very bad game. Some potentially good ideas, but overall poorly executed in the game.

3: Bad game. What good qualities that exist are overshadowed by too many poor design decisions and poorly implemented features.

4: Below average game. Some good features and characteristics, but possesses more negative qualities than positives.

5: Mediocre/Average game. Mixed. Not too good, not too bad. Has an about equal amount of flaws and strengths.

6: Okay game. Nothing great, but many thing are done well enough to make it better than average. Some minor and/or major problems may exist.

7: Good game. Overall good, enjoyable game. Some flaws and lacking qualities do exist though.

8: Great game. solid game with only a few problems that significantly hold it back.

9: Excellent game. Aside from a few minor flaws, this game does almost everything right. High quality.

10: Fantastic game. Goes above and beyond standard quality for video games, Both innovative and extremely refined and well made. Though not perfect (cause no game is), and not for everyone, for what it is, this game is something truly special for its time.

Again this would just be a general estimation of the reviewers review.

Nail on the head. Good reason on why I dislike reviews really. Not always the review itself. Just how people tend to treat them. It's like trying to get someone to try some food that was just verbally abused by a friend of yours. It sounds awful. why try it?
I still don't enjoy reviews in general mainly because of how some things become blown out of perportion. Or how some don't give enough credit to good things. But good reviews exist. Just for my taste they are few and far between. ^^;
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Yeah, I'd definitely put ME:A at a good seven and a half on that scale.

Oh, hey, that corresponds pretty well with the Metacritic score of 76. Imagine that.

As a game, the combat gameplay is pretty solid. The systems around the combat, the crafting, the inventory, and the godawful quest / map system, they're not so good. The story is standard Hollywood fare so far, nothing particularly noteworthy. There's not very much in the way of *thinking* required. Just do whatever and it'll all work out for the best. Plot twists are predictable and some events are so obviously driven by plot requirements it's infuriating to me.



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The crafting is fine, the problem is that the UI for it is a mess and as you research stuff it gets very cluttered. Likewise the augments have boring effects. I'm not impressed. But there is a lot to like about all the different and interesting things you can research and craft, as well as customize. Between augments, weapon mods, fusion mods, profile and you individual ability set up, you can really make a unique and uniquely powerful build based on what you want to get out of your Ryder.



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I thought the story was unremarkable until I got to a very big moment that I THOUGHT was the end, it really felt like a climax and the amount of time I played really reinforced this idea, but nope this story is incredibly long. This game might be too big. With how big it is, they could have removed all of the, "tasks," which are the bad fetch quest like quests.


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Or you could go in with a negativge expectation that it completely blown away by a positive experience, or you could go in with positive expectations that are let down, or you could go in with positive expectations that are met or surpassed, or you could go in with negative expectations and have an even worse experience than you expected, or you could deliberately temper your expectations and be able to recognize both the good and bad, or you could already be biased towards liking the game (wether or not you read reviews) and ignore its flaws because you already spent money on it and don't want to think you wasted that money.

I didn't stick words in your mouth or "try to understand your process." I made a point using you as a general term, because it's a bad habit 99% of english speakers have and I was to lazy to go back and edit every instance to use the term one after I realized I was making it.

The reviews *also* talk about the rest of the game, in this case often so positively I was surprised the game got a "low" score. Gamespots in particular legitimately surprised me, especially with their history. If you don't care about facial animations, you can just ignore those complaints. Not one single professional review has said the game is terrible, even as they show footage of blatant problems. What users do or don't use as evidence for their opinion or narrative or whatever doesn't matter if you don't care about or actually want the thing they claim is an issue. That's not a problem with reviews, that's a problem with people using them as evidence in their stupid fan wars instead of for their actual puropse.

Maybe the reviewers echo many of the same points, because those points represent the legitimate problems or high points of the games in their experience. If anything that's a good thing for making a purchase decision. If 20 independant reviewrs all come back with the same complaint, it's way more likely to be a legitimate complaint and not a random bug or an individuals preferences coloring their opinion. If it only shows up in 1 review, it's way less likely to be a problem for any given user. It's also their job to talk about the core of the experience, and that core doesn't magically change between players, so obviously they hit many of the same points. Their job is buyers guide type reviews, not comprehensive critical breakdowns from various perspectives, so they're going to bring up whatever they think it the mostly likely to be relevant in that context. It's kinda unfortunate that we don't have 2 different words for each type of review/reviewer, because both are very valuable.

There is no amount of legwork that can necessarily give one an accurate picture of the game without dealing with peoples opinions of it. I've already explained how that happens with control issues (frequently invisible in gameplay footage), some performance issues (often invisible in gameplay footage), and writing (at least without risking major spoilers.)
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I think it's a good game. I don't like it on the level of the OT but there are some differences. I played the OT after it was long completed, DLC/patches/etc. MEA has been out less than two months. It's not fully patched and has no DLC. It's hard to place it in the same catergory.

I don't know that I'll ever be as hyped for it the way I still am about the OT (doing an ME1 pt right now) but I don't dislike this game.