Hello folks,

I'm trying to put together a list of DLC folders and their actual release names for Mass Effect 3, but there are a few folders that I don't know what they are. Also, I'm thinking that special content (collector's edition, etc..) may have some extra folders chucked in there as well. I'd appreciate any help you can give me with this.

This is what I got so far:

DLC_CON_APP01: Alternate Appearance Pack 1
DLC_CON_END: Extended Cut
DLC_CON_GUN01: Firefight Pack
DLC_CON_GUN02: Groundside Resistance Pack
DLC_CON_MP1: Resurgence Multiplayer Expansion
DLC_CON_MP2: Rebellion Multiplayer Expansion
DLC_CON_MP3: Earth Multiplayer Expansion
DLC_CON_MP4: Retaliation Multiplayer Expansion
DLC_CON_MP5: Reckoning Multiplayer Expansion
DLC_EXP_Pack001: Leviathan
DLC_EXP_Pack002: Omega
DLC_EXP_Pack003: Citadel
DLC_EXP_Pack003_Base: Citadel
DLC_HEN_PR: From Ashes
DLC_OnlinePassHidCE: Collector's Edition Bonus Content

DLC_UPD_Patch01: Patch released as DLC
DLC_UPD_Patch02: Patch released as DLC

All these folders can be found inside "Mass Effect 3\\BIOGame\\DLC".

I also made a post at the ME3Explorer forums reply to which every you want (or none :P)

Thanks for the help.

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A little update here. It seems the UDP_Path stuff is what the name implies, just patches released as DLCs.

Also I've just been told that CE owners have an extra folder there for MP bonus content.

If anybody else has other extra folders besides the ones I posted, I'd be very thankful if you let me know the name of these (and what they are, if possible).



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