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Im a person who loves Faraam armor
Favorite knight armor. One of the best parts of ds2
Opinions. Stay with the facts, pls
Sure looks like his lovely hair..
This armor is straight up Fett. It has the T-visor and the lore description is a spitting image of what a Mandalorian is. Faraam is a kingdom of warriors who worship a god of war. They have fallen from glory and are now seen mostly roaming the lands as mercenaries.

Time to go bounty hunting >;)
Faraam helm + Faraam chest + Alva gauntlets + Elite Knight legs = one badass wandering warrior
Try swapping in some different helmets, chest piece looks great with Alva Helm, Chain Helm, Elite Knight and a few others.
Faraam helm, firelink armor, undead gauntlets and gundyrs leggings. OMG
Didn't like it since the first DS2 trailer. Helmet looks greek/roman and the armor is way to bulky. Feels alien to the Dark Souls universe.
If anything the helmet looks like a 15th century Italian helmet.
Kill yourself, The kill yourself again, and again and again until you run out of embers
I'm pretty sure this armor is named after the nameless king boss because he is believed to be a god of war as well. But since his name is the nameless king, a story says that he teamed up with the dragons and his name was expunged from the annals and his deific status was stripped by his father who is a god too, gwyn. I'm 7% sure that the nameless king is Faraam, but even though some say that Sen's Fortress belongs to the Nameless king and that his name is sen. Do you guys think the nameless king is Faraam or Sen?
Sure dude
Yes, a god of war, not THE god of war. Nothing anywhere says that there's not more than one. Plus the way Faraam is described there's little evidence that's the nameless king's name
He has no name. Don't you understand? The gods TOOK his name! it's not just that they forbit it. Whoever Sen or Faraam was, they weren't the Nameless (!!!) Kings name. Because his name no longer exist. Lost forever. By the power of the gods and the one god. His father. Gwyn.


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Nameless king is neither you buffoon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The nameless king (as everyone by now knows) is Gynns Firstborn. If you read the description of the Faraam armor it said it belonged to the Lion Knights, which says that a whole knight hood wore this attire. Not just one man ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Way I like to see it is that Faraam and his Lion Knights parallel Gwyn and his Silver Knights. Could have possibly traveled to Lordran from Forossa with his son - a Lion Knight we should all know - and trained Gwyn's four knights, Gwyn ultimately picking Faraam's kin as the leader of his knights - something Gwyn (b) was not happy about.
I'm strongly into fashion souls. Would rather run a mimic cosplay with a club than wear junk just because of the stats. But what the hell am I supposed to do with THIS? Guess the gauntlets have some use but the rest? What should I do with the rest? Some suggestions? Gladiator maybe?
I've used the helm for a gladiator cosplay before. If you have both DLCs, I find that Faraam helm, Desert Pyromancer Garb, Iron Bracelets, and Slave Knight Leggings looks pretty dope. Sort of a 300-inspired look. Add Valorheart or a spear to complete the look. Enjoy.
If you can make a cool face, this helps make a badass "warriorking" look. I use the Faraam chest with Shira's crown, Millwood gauntlets, and Morne's leggings. For weapons, I'll dual-wield Valorheart(the shield on back looks awesome) and the Dragonslayer's axe. Totally sub-optimal build, but looks cool af. When I invade I also use the Untrue Dark ring just to let ppl know me balls is ultra huge.
With the Faraam set and the Helm of Sunlight I created my favorite look. I refer to him as the Weary Knight
I finished my 1st playthrough wearing Faraam chest, Faraam Helm, Havel gauntlets and Elite knight legs. Armed with a pike and the Shield of Want.
Faraam Helmet, Drakeblood Armor, Drakeblood Guantlets, and Lothric Knight Leggings.
This is one of my favorite armor combos
Nameless king is the god of war, its actually one of the part of lore which was concieved early, it derives analogy from Greek mythology that is of Ares , also the god of war, revolting against his father Zeus , also the god of lightning....Also his headgear represents a lions mane which all of his followers, be it ornstein or the Faraam knights, try to replicate through armor design or etymologies.