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Their sermons makes me think of Darkdiver Grandahl from DS2. He spoke of the Dark being peaceful and full of comfort.
Yeah, and he's telling the truth too. What do you think the Undead Crypt is? It's a place with complete darkness, specifically stated by the Grave Warden NPC's etc.. to be the place where hollows are put to be laid to rest and find peace since if they just continue to wander the world they just live an eternal nightmare of restlessness and such. It's entirely possible that the Age of Fire is what causes hollows to be so aggresive. You'll notice that when you first enter the crypt the hollows there don't attack you...only once you get to where the giant torch things are lit do they start trying to hit you. This is because darkness keeps them peaceful, and light agitates them.

This makes perfect sense because humans all have a tiny piece of the Dark Soul inside of them, so when they die and become undead their humanity is hidden in life but becomes exposed after dying (dark souls 1 item descriptions actually say this) meaning that it's exposed enough for the light of the age of fire to irritate it. Perhaps this is what the dark sign is? The sun "branding" an undead in the spot where their humanity would be inside of them? It's no coincidence that the darksign is the same shape as the sun in dark souls 3 at the end when the abyss starts to take over...that symbol shows that the light and dark are fighting each other basically. And i'm willing to bet that this irritation of the person's humanity and soul by the light is what causes the undead curse to begin with!
"Fear not, the dark, my friend.
And let the feast begin."

Could it be the locust mentioning Kaathe??
He once eat us right, and he also love the dark
"Hello darkness my old friend..."
And let The Feast, begin.
"let the feast begin"
i heard those little white locust preachers whom half drown (with their head facing up) muttering those words over and over, and they're like everywhere on the swamp, made me uncomfortable...
is it just me hearing it or i'm going hollow?
Almost sounds to me like the locust preacher is describing Irina & Eygon. Eygon is certainly a wayfaring knight, awaiting reunion. Irina makes mention of being "surrounded by darkness" and the "little creatures that bite her" and she mentions being "frightened of the dark that gnaws away on her"
I think its based more on alva and zullie, but i dont remember much about them beyond alva being a wayfarer"
Does this also count as the page for the enemy version?
I think he is talking about Horace.
"Where fire resideth, shadows twist and shrivel." Horace hollowed in the Smouldering Lake. The Smouldering Lake would be where the fire resideth, and the shadows twist and shrivel would be his skin after hollowing
That's not bad logic, but it's not correct. When he says "where fire resideth, shadows twist and shrivel" he is talking about "disparity", which was mentioned in dark souls 1 opening. Disparity means "differences", and refers to the fact that things used to be always the same never changing when the dragons were in control; everything was gray and nothing lived or died. But when the fire showed up disparity happened, causing life and death to happen, causing light and dark to appear where it was only gray before. So this first part is basically saying "when there is fire there is also dark/shadow" talking about how the first flame created both light and dark and that there can't be light without there also being dark (this is true actually. Try turning your lights out at night and look for your won't see it. Same thing if you go outside at night. In darkness there are NO shadows, because shadows are created by light touching objects.) The final part "but in the abyss there are shadows none" means the same thing, that if you let the fire fade and embrace the abyss then you'll find out that it's not so dark and evil afterall.

The connection to Eygon is that he is afriad of the Abyss taking away Irina from him; meaning he is afraid of the "shadows" that Irina says are always biting at her because if they do get her he would lose her. T
I'm inclined to think that we were originally meant to be invaded by more red phantom versions of these NPCs, but only Alva and Eygon (Moaning Knight) ended up implemented in time for release.
Killed one that dropped a soul of champion.