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noun: gender; plural noun: genders


the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).
"traditional concepts of gender"

synonyms: sex

Sex is not necessarily synonymous with gender. Sex is what is between your legs (and don't forget intersex people), whereas gender is more akin to identity and expression. Some queer theory proves more enlightening than a copy and paste of a dictionary definition.
Lol this has nothing to do with it, it's a game where a ring switches your gender, grow up all of you lmao
Amazing trap ahead
Be wary of trap


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Not sure if this is a reference but this ring is similar in desing to the wedding ring of death used by Wamuu in jojo's bizarre adventure in Battle Tendency arc. The effect is nowhere near the same but the design is very similar.
Here's link for anyone who wants to find out more about the ring in jojo:
well, it IS a reference already to something else, so...
So I checked your link and it has nothing to do with the ring in dark souls 3 AND I looked up images of the jojos ring and the design looks very different. Yes rings kind of have "similar design.
The Young Turks would like this ring.
Seriously what is this ring even use for..? Roleplaying as LGBT?
I think it is for entirely lore purposes as it relates to Gwyndolyn's trannysism... also japanese shenanigans.
Is the ring useful or nah?
For normal gameplay? nah.
Very useful in PvE


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It's a useless ring, only good for cosplaying purposes.
Absolutely essential for my hexer trap build. Took me a billion years to make that dude face look pretty. Now if we could just do something about that dude butt in the Slave Knight Leggings.
It would be cool if the ring also changed the player character's voice.

I like making cosplay characters and would like to make a lothric/lorian greatsword build that would also function for a Dancer cosplay (my pyromancer chick does ok, but not optimally).

With this ring I could do both characters in one except for all the grunting and death shouts being awkwardly missgendered (I havent tried it yet so it may switch voices too, though).
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