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It only improves dark spells, not any weapons sadly.
It improves dark infused weapons. I just tested. It looks like it improves them by about 3.25%.. nothing dramatic, but kind of nice in certain situations
When I calculated the % increase, I was going off of total AR. I assume that it's actually a 10% increase in dark damage if I subtract out the physical.
It does. It improves dark damage of every kinf, like Crown of Dusk does for magic: dark sorcery, dark miracles and pyromancy, weapons with dark damage (Onyx blade, dark infusions, etc).


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The wiki says its not boosting "phisical" dark attacks, maybe should be changed? or more test needed?
Take it on and off in game. It increases dark damage straight up, spells or not.
Oh boy Mr. Crabs.

My dark handed twink gon be even more deadly.

Especially since he can already get over 400 AR with a +0 Onyx Blade at Sl 16.
This thing boosts the strength of Dark Blade as well. Great to stack with dark clutch ring. My Sharp Murky Hand Scythe +10 has an AR of 316. With the blindfold mask 319, with the clutch ring 328. Now when I buff it with Yorshka's Chime+10 (spell buff 263) the AR goes to 599 1h 603 2h. Without the ring and mask, and just dark blade: 540, with just the mask 554, just the ring, 582.
Yep, loving all the new toys from this DLC.

Murky Long Staff (+10) + Blindfold Mask + 60 Int + Young Dragon ring + Bellowing Dragoncrest ring + Dark Clutch ring

After chant from the depths, I get almost 1500 from a single Great Soul Dregs shot. Crazy!
Thank you for this info is actually useful
It's Zullie's domino mask. Compare it to the DaS 2 item itself. Zullie has quite a bit of story bits to this entire dlc so far
You're indeed correct.
So, the moaning knight fell off of the ledge and I was rushing through the area. I've died about 20 times since then. Other than having another player drop it for me, will the mask still be there?
Should work the same way as quitting and reloading the area. Just go to where he is originally and it should be where he was.
It should be automatically received upon moaning knight dying, you shouldn't need to manually pick it up off the ground. I've knocked him off the ledge on three different characters and it's always been given to me.
In any other way the loot should be around anyway after you rest at a bonfire. Usually happens when someone essential falls off the cliff, like that sensei guy ner Firelink Shrine or Pornomancer Zoey
*Dark Souls 2 Flashbacks* Those bloody Bellwatchers....


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"Do you wish to guard the bell ?"

"Nah that sounds pretty lame, we're gonna pass."


"'cuz it's easy"
*looks at you*
"and it does alotta damage"
Kind of dissapointed its not as rare as ds2... I was the only one I ever sw wearing it in all my 1000 hours
Probably because it looks redicolous for dark builds.
Just like the dusk crown for sorceries
and the Penal Handcuffs for pyromancers
i went back to kill him, so i could go to ng+ but he wouldnt spawn.
I think maybe he only spawns if you have not killed a certain boss yet.
You could try resurrecting Judicator Argo at the Purging Monument or Velka´s statue in the Sewers of the Undead Settlement.

Would be interesting to know wether or not it causes him to spawn again, if he hasn´t been killed before.
all npc invaders only invade if you havent killed the boss of the area yet thats nothing new rly
I'm pretty sure this is part of the "antiquated plain set", just like the crown of dusk is part of the "antiquated set".

Use alongside "antiquated plain garb", "shadow gauntlets" and "shadow leggings" for fashion souls.


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It's not part of the antiquited plain set. It's an alternative head piece for black witch set. It doesn't state this in DS3 but in DS2 (went by name domino mask) its item description says this was used by Zullie the witch who owned the black witch set. Link to DS2 wiki just in case you don't believe me: (scroll to the end of the page).
This item increases ALL dark dmg not just spells.