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After the moon gets orange i entered without the white church set from behind and get the same dialogues
I killed her before Rom and I did not get the umbilical cord(wiki says if you kill her before the moon turns orange, which it was not)
No, dude, it says she'll drop the umbilical cord if you kill her AFTER the moon turns orange.
If I remember correctly on my first play through I killed Rom and some other bosses and then went back to her to kill her and she dropped the umbilical cord. I have bad memory so I don't remember exactly. I will test on this playthrough if I can.
If you go to the front door after gaining access via the back entry there is an item on the ground. It's Iosefka's Blood Vial. I'm thinking that this may confirm that the Iosefka you speak with after Cathedral Ward is an imposter as she will no longer provide vials to you after that. There is also an "alien" in the room next to the item or that drops the item (killed it too fast to know if the item was there previous)
she is hot af i would 10/10 hit her mmmhhh
Can we get the Third umbrilical cord's without killing her
You can't get hers but there are a total of 4 cords in the game and you only need 3 to get the true final boss. 1 from the *****, 1 from the wet nurse boss, 1 from the real hunters workshop and 1 from Losefka.
I tried to kill Iosefka while she was on the table, having not talked to her the entire game. I go in for the stab, miss and hit just the table (barely), and was killed by some invisible force. She was still on the table and no enemies in the building (or in the previous 2 areas for that matter). Happened to anyone else?
So the only worthwhile reward is the 3 elixirs from the beggar?
Well there is the umbilical cord, but if you don't care about that then no it isn't really worth doin
Whoops. Looks like I blew my chance at the umbilical cord. Killed the heck outta her, never met the pleasure woman. That's two of four possible umbilical cords, which you need three of to get the true ending.
Ah, well. I can get into NG+ quicker I guess.
You get trophies for getting all three endings anyway. :') No loss!
Whoever wrote this is wrong, the doll is best waifu
Real Iosefka had a hard life.